Market-leading EV charging solutions

We are the leading Nordic provider of complete EV charging solutions for homes, housing cooperatives, businesses, and public parking. We offer flexible and future-proof facilities with test-winning charging stations and leading-edge load balancing, administration and payment solutions, all designed for each other.

We offer complete solutions for:


We offer complete home EV charging solutions that include test-winning charging stations with MID approved energy meters, high-end cables and optimized charging through full dynamic load balancing.

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Housing cooperatives

We’ll help you with everything from advice to administration and provide flexible, future-proof solutions for your needs. Start small and upgrade as needed or get full functionality and minimal administration from the get-go.

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We are a complete solutions provider offering everything from test-winning charging stations to leading-edge load balancing, administration and payment systems. We’ll help you from start to finish – and beyond.

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New and useful:

eRange Adjustment kit

eRange accessories Adjustment kit is a supplement for Defa eRange family for mode 3 chargers. With this kit you will be able to adjust and configure the parameters and functions of all eRange mode 3 chargers. This includes adjustment of charging current, control mode, addressing, RFID white list and more.

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eConnect EV charging cables - Designed for extreme conditions

Our new eConnect EV charging cable provides premium performance, durability and user-friendliness. Our cables are the result of 60 years of experience with connecting vehicles to the grid, and they can be used with all vehicles with a Type 2-inlet.

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homeCLU - full dynamic load balancing at home

Would you like to have more power for charging your car at home? homeCLU optimizes the use of your available power so that you can charge more efficiently.

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Why you should install a home charger

Many new EV owners are unaware of the benefits of installing a home charger. Learn more about why you should make the investment here.

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eRange® Uno is a double test winner!

When the largest auto associations in Germany and Austria performed separate tests of leading charging stations, they both arrived at the same winner – our own eRange® Uno!

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