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DEFA is a family-owned Norwegian technology company established in 1946, with 450 employees on three continents. For more than 75 years, we have evolved from a local family business to an international charging company, driven by the search for new links between technology and people. Our most important principle is simplicity, and while it requires more of us, it brings more value to our customers. That's how we've grown, and that's how we'll grow in the future, creating products and solutions that work for everyone, everywhere.
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Roles in Electronics & Software Development

How we work with electronics & software development

Our Shared R&D function is responsible for improvements and new developments of DEFAs digital services within three main areas: embedded firmware & IoT, cloud services and client applications (mobile/PC/web apps), that are key for our customers user experience.


The team works according to established principles such as agile, object oriented and test-driven development, with some core languages and methods, such as Docker, Kubernetes, Linux and CI/CD-systems (GitLab) and Git. With continuous focus to find new and smarter ways of working, the team is not afraid to try new technology, languages and methods in order to improve and further develop the core services, and micro-services across the platforms.


Our software developers are located in Norway and Sweden, where they share challenges, smart solutions, competence and continue to develop their skills.

Developer/Senior Developer, Backend (Norway)

You will design, develop and implement backend/cloud services software through quality coding on assigned solution platform.

You have solid competence through work experience or from the passion for coding. Our backends are mainly written in Java and other JVM based languages (Scala, Kotlin etc.), with frameworks like Spring Boot and Play. Some other technologies and keywords used and heard are REST, JSON, Node JS, PostGraphile, GraphQL, Akka, PostgreSQL. Knowledge within web/API -development and databases is welcome.

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Location: Norway (Slependen outside Oslo)

Developer/Senior Developer, Backend (Sweden)

You will develop and refine our cloud services through well-designed and implemented software, ensuring the production of functional, reusable code. Regular debugging and troubleshooting code to maintain our high-quality standards, crafting web services focusing on insights & analytics, and producing clear, thorough documentation to ensure workflow transparency and continuity are other important tasks. Handling bug fixes for existing code when necessary.

As a part of our forward-thinking tech team, you’ll be working with the following technology stack: Linux, GitLab-CI, Docker, Go, Spring FW, REST, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kubernetes, Elasticsearch and Agile software development methodologies (Scrum, Kanban)

You are an experienced Java Developer with a strong desire to make a significant contribution to a fast-paced industry. You hold a Bachelor’s degree in software engineering/computer science or a related field. You are proficient in object-oriented software principles, design patterns, and methodologies, and have hands-on experience with Java programming (Java, Java EE, JMS, Spring framework). You understand automated test frameworks and appreciate test-driven development, and demonstrate a structured approach to development with familiarity in issue-tracking, requirements estimation, and revision control. You also have practical experience with Agile software development methodologies.

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Location: Sweden (Gothenburg)

Developer/Senior Developer, Frontend (Norway)

You will design, develop and implement frontend/client services software through quality for assigned solution platform.

You have solid competence through work experience or from the passion for coding. Our frontend coding is mainly done in JavaScirpt/TypeScript and React/Vue.js, but we also use other technologies such as React Native, Backbone-Marionette, GraphQL, Docker, Kubernetes, and GitLab CI/CD to mention some.

Want to know more? Please call our CIO Ole Christian Tvedt +47 32 06 77 00, or just apply here.

Location: Norway (Slependen outside Oslo)

Developer/Senior Developer, Frontend (Sweden)

You will use JavaScript, TypeScript, React, React Native, and GraphQL to design, develop, and test UI for mobile and web applications. This includes building reusable code and libraries for future use, and accurately translating user and business needs into functional frontend code.

As part of our innovative tech team, you’ll be working with the following technology stack: JavaScript, TypeScript, React / React Native, GraphQL, REST APIs, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and agile software development methodologies (Scrum, Kanban)

You are an adept Front-end Developer with a strong foundation in responsive design. You hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science, and hav at least 2 years of experience in frontend development. You possess a strong understanding of object-oriented web applications in JavaScript, TypeScript, React, React Native, and GraphQL, are familiar with Scrum/Agile development methodologies, and are familiar with the use of REST or GraphQL APIs

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Location: Sweden (Gothenburg)

Developer/Senior Developer, Embedded (Norway)

You will design, develop and implement embedded software through quality coding in close cooperation with our hardware developers.

You have solid competence through work experience or from the passion for coding. Our embedded coding is mainly done in C++, Python or Linux, but we also use other technologies such as Yocto, ZeroMQ, Bluetooth/WiFi/LTE Cat M1, Docker, Kubernetes, and GitLab CI/CD to mention some.

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Location: Norway (Slependen outside Oslo)

Automation&Reliability Architect - DevOps (Norway)

You are responsible for systems automation, facilitating software development, ensuring scalability, security and reliability in platforms, participating in architecture design, and maintaining platform monitoring and alerting systems.

You have solid competence through work experience or from the passion for coding. You know backend coding, CI/CD, Kubernetes, DevOps and Agile principles, and project management.

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Location: Norway (Slependen outside Oslo)

More available roles

ERP Manager (Norway)

Responsible for development and maintenance of the ERP system (Dynamics AX/365), including integrations to and from the system (EDI, BI, webshops, etct). You hold a Masters degree in Application design, Supply Chain or similar, and have 3-5 years experience, strong knowledge and hands-on experience with ERP systems and architecture.

Want to know more? Please call our EVP Supply Chain Tore Lian +47 32 06 77 00, or just apply here.

Location: Norway (Slependen outside Oslo)

SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist/Webmaster (Norway or Sweden)

Join DEFA’s Marketing Department as an SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist/Webmaster and be a pivotal force in revolutionizing eMobility! Embrace the challenge of optimizing our online presence through advanced SEO, cutting-edge SERP strategies, and innovative digital marketing techniques while also taking on the responsibilities of a Webmaster.

What You’ll Do:

  • Develop and execute a robust SERP strategy to elevate our online visibility.
  • Utilize Google Analytics to analyze website traffic, user behavior, and performance metrics.
  • Implement advanced performance tracking mechanisms on the webpage for optimized user engagement.
  • Oversee the integration and optimization of payment solutions for our e-commerce platform.
  • Collaborate on the implementation of plugins and APIs, enhancing the user experience for external customers.
  • Execute comprehensive SEO strategies, including keyword analysis and on-page optimization.
  • Assume the role of a Webmaster, ensuring a well-structured and easily navigable webpage.
  • Test compatibility across platforms, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Monitor online traffic, analyze performance data, and derive insights for continuous improvement.
  • Keep our web content, links, and images in top-notch condition through regular maintenance.
  • Configure and manage web servers, implementing robust security measures.
  • Stay informed about industry trends, providing insights for future growth strategies.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Computer Science, or a related field.
  • Proven experience in advanced SEO strategies, SERP optimization, and Google Analytics.
  • Proficiency in web development languages and content management systems.
  • Experience with performance tracking tools and methodologies.
  • Familiarity with e-commerce platforms and expertise in integrating payment solutions.
  • Knowledge of plugins and APIs to enhance external customer experiences.
  • Previous experience in webmaster responsibilities, ensuring the overall health and functionality of the website.
  • Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret complex data sets for strategic decision-making.
  • Excellent communication skills for collaboration with cross-functional teams.

If you’re ready to shape the future of eMobility through digital innovation and webmaster expertise, apply now and be part of DEFA’s dynamic and forward-thinking team!

Want to know more? Please call our EVP Marketing&Business Development Anders Granquist +47 32 06 77 00, or just apply here.

Location: Norway (Slependen outside Oslo) or Sweden (Stockholm)

Customer Service CloudCharge (Gothernburg, Sweden)

CloudCharge är i framkant av den nordiska branschen för programvara för laddning av elbilar. Tänk på vår produkt som det operativa systemet för laddningsnätverk. Den är utformad för att förbättra kapaciteterna hos laddningspunktsoperatörer (CPOs), och riktar sig både till etablerade aktörer och de som är nya inom branschen. Genom att effektivisera hanteringen, driften och övervakningen av laddningsstationer säkerställer vi en effektiv och användarvänlig upplevelse för operatörer och slutanvändare.
Vår mission är att erbjuda intuitiva och robusta programvarulösningar som höjer upplevelsen av EV-laddning för alla intressenter. I framtiden inkluderar vår produktplan integrationen av AI-teknologier för att ytterligare förädla och förnya våra erbjudanden. Genom att bli en del av vårt team kommer du att befinna dig i hjärtat av den gröna övergången och främja en övergång till hållbar transport och nyskapande tekniklösningar.
Medan vi verkar med smidigheten och innovationen hos en startup, är vår grund byggd på djup branschkunskap och en förpliktelse till samarbete. Belägna i Ringön, Göteborg, strävar vi konsekvent efter att ligga i framkant genom att leverera nyskapande och användarcentrerade lösningar på en snabbt utvecklande marknad.

Vi söker nu en engagerad och ansvarstagande medarbetare för att ansluta sig till vårt team för en spännande roll på Customer Service med placering på vårt kontor i Göteborg, Ringön. Där man får axla ansvaret för första linjens kund- och molntjänster på CloudCharge.

  • Support för CloudCharge-backend, portal och app för slutkunder.
  • Samarbeta med tekniskt team och installatör för snabb konfiguration av laddningsanläggningar.
  • Koordinera supportärenden och identifiera trender med det globala molntjänstsupportteamet.
  • Rapportera problem och kundbehov till utvecklingsteamet.
  • Hantera frågor och kommentarer från befintliga och potentiella kunder.
  • Utbilda och stödja nya fastighetsägare gällande betalningslösningar.
  • Utföra funktionalitetstester vid behov.
  • Övervaka introduktion och driftsättning av laddningslösningar.
  • Säkerställa fakturering och betalningsuppföljning.
  • Skapa avtal och prenumerationer för fastighetsägare.
  • Följa upp projekt och säkerställa kundnöjdhet.


  • Kandidatexamen eller annan relevant utbildning, fördel med specialisering inom teknik/datateknik
  • Arbetslivserfarenhet från kundtjänst.
  • God teknisk förståelse och IT-kunskaper samt erfarenhet utav mjukvara som tjänst.
  • Behärskar svenska flytande i både tal och skrift samt besitter goda kunskaper i engelska, både i muntlig och skriftlig form. Dessutom har du en stark förståelse för de nordiska språken.

Personliga egenskaper:
Du är lösningsorienterad och trivs med att dyka in i tekniska detaljer för att lösa komplexa utmaningar. Din nyfikenhet och vilja att utforska nya tekniska områden är avgörande för att trivas i rollen. Som en engagerad lagkamrat med starka samarbetsfärdigheter bidrar du till en positiv och produktiv arbetsmiljö. Dessutom utmärker du dig genom förmågan att klart och begripligt kommunicera komplex teknisk information, både muntligt och skriftligt, vilket främjar effektivt samarbete och kunskapsdelning inom teamet.

Om du tror att du är rätt person för denna spännande roll och uppfyller de angivna kraven, är du välkommen med din ansökan som du skickar till

Avslutningsvis vill vi informera om att vi inte önskar bli kontaktade av rekryteringsbolag. Tack för din förståelse.

District Sales Representative - Eastern Canada (Quebec, Canada)

You will be responsible establishing & driving sales growth in the Eastern Region, specifically in Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. This role requires a strategic thinker with a proven track record in B2B sales, excellent communication skills, and the ability to build and maintain strong relationships with key internal and external stakeholders.

Specific job duties will include, but are not limited to, the following responsibilities:

  • Sales strategy and execution in dedicated district, including all activities from developing, implementing, and following up on sales strategies, sales and to achieve growth within the district.
  • Secure strong customer relationships and build a strong customer platform.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with relevant stakeholders in the industry.
  • Provide exceptional customer service and support.
  • Stay up to date on product offerings, features, and benefits.
  • Regular reporting and analysis of sales, forecasts, and other sales data to identify areas for growth.

The successful candidate will possess the following job requirements:

  • Successful completion of Bachelor’s degree in Sales, Marketing or equivalent is required
  • Proven track record of at least 3-5 years in B2B sales, preferably in the automotive or energy sectors.
  • Knowledge about technical sales mainly to B2B and understanding for B2C through various sales channels.
  • Demonstrated experience in managing a large territory and achieving sales targets
  • Well acquainted with reaching out to/meeting with new and existing customer and identifying new opportunities
  • Strong ability and interest in Automotive business in general
  • Proven experience in dealing with and providing sales support to local dealers.
  • Demonstrable technical and product knowledge of pre-heating systems, alarm, tracking and battery chargers, lighting products, and remote control solutions with the ability and understanding in the use and the technical parts of the each products;

This is a full-time, permanent position. The successful candidate must be able to frequently travel within the Eastern Region (Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Canada) to meet with customers, attend trade shows, and participate in industry events. Billingual communication is required. Proficciency in English & French oral and written. Valid car Drivers licence.

The position will be based out of home office. Interested parties are asked to contact send their application and CV to quoting the job title – “District Sales – Canada”.


Vous serez responsable d’établir et de stimuler la croissance des ventes dans la région de l’Est, plus précisément au Québec et dans les provinces de l’Atlantique. Ce rôle nécessite une réflexion stratégique avec un bilan éprouvé dans les ventes B2B, d’excellentes compétences en communication et la capacité de construire et de maintenir des relations solides avec des parties prenantes clés internes et externes.

Les responsabilités spécifiques du poste incluront, mais ne se limiteront pas aux points suivants :

  • Élaborer et mettre en œuvre une stratégie de vente dans le district assigné, couvrant toutes les activités, du développement à la mise en œuvre, en passant par le suivi des stratégies de vente, afin d’atteindre la croissance souhaitée dans le district.
  • Établir des relations solides avec les clients et construire une plateforme client solide.
  • Bâtir et entretenir des relations solides avec les parties prenantes pertinentes de l’industrie.
  • Fournir un service client exceptionnel et un soutien.
  • Rester informé sur les offres de produits, leurs caractéristiques et avantages.
  • Rapports réguliers et analyse des ventes, des prévisions et d’autres données de vente pour identifier les domaines de croissance potentiels.

Le candidat retenu devra posséder les exigences professionnelles suivantes :

  • Obtention réussie d’un baccalauréat en vente, marketing ou équivalent.
  • Bilan prouvé d’au moins 3 à 5 ans dans les ventes B2B, de préférence dans les secteurs de l’automobile ou de l’énergie.
  • Connaissance des ventes techniques principalement B2B et compréhension du B2C à travers divers canaux de vente.
  • Expérience avérée dans la gestion d’un vaste territoire et l’atteinte des objectifs de vente.
  • Bien familiarisé avec la prospection et la rencontre de nouveaux clients ainsi que le suivi des clients existants pour identifier de nouvelles opportunités.
  • Forte capacité et intérêt pour le secteur automobile en général.
  • Expérience avérée dans la gestion et le soutien des ventes auprès des concessionnaires locaux.
  • Connaissances techniques et produit démontrables des systèmes de préchauffage, des systèmes d’alarme, de suivi et de chargeurs de batteries, des produits d’éclairage, et des solutions de télécommande, avec la capacité et la compréhension de l’utilisation et des aspects techniques de chaque produit.

Il s’agit d’un poste à temps plein et permanent. Le candidat retenu doit être en mesure de voyager fréquemment dans la région de l’Est (Ontario, Québec, Atlantique) pour rencontrer des clients, participer à des salons professionnels et à des événements de l’industrie. La communication bilingue est requise, avec une maîtrise de l’anglais et du français, à l’oral et à l’écrit. Un permis de conduire valide est nécessaire.

Le poste sera basé à partir du bureau à domicile. Les personnes intéressées sont invitées à envoyer leur candidature et leur CV à en mentionnant le titre du poste – “District Sales – Canada”.

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Working at DEFA

At DEFA you will meet energetic, ambitious, and skill-full employees, dedicated in their roles to deliver on our promise of simple products and solutions that work for everyone, everywhere and every time. With our strong innovation culture and technological expertise, you will have the opportunity to develop with us, connecting with different cultures, people and talents, and help drive us forward.


Our staff is located in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, UK, Canada and China, within a wide range of product areas and competence, such as: Product & service development, Software development, Solutions engineering, B2B sales, Technical & customer support, Marketing, Administration, Purchasing, Supply Chain & Logistics, IT services, Project management, Production, and more..


We are dedicated and passionate about what we do, and focus on giving our employees training, development opportunities and the possibility to grow and thrive.


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