DEFA Group - Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

"We depend on customer satisfaction"

DEFA is a Norwegian-owned group of companies with long traditions. We have been a part of industry for a long time, in good times and bad. The most important thing we have learned is to listen to our customers. To us, customers are at every link in the distribution chain, right through to the end user.

Wherever our company operates, we will:

  • Strive to achieve our goal of ‘zero harm’ to people and the
    environment, and our quality goal of ‘zero defects’.
  • Observe and comply with relevant legislation, regulations and other
    documents relevant to the business.
  • Ensure all personnel and contractors have the necessary
    information, training and supervision to meet regulatory and
    other business requirements.
  • Prevent pollution and minimize any adverse effects our operations
    may have on the environment.
  • Strive to eliminate work-related illness and injury resulting from our operations.
  • Promote a work culture that achieves the business targets through safe
    behavior, environmental awareness and use of quality systems.
  • Establish, develop and review measurable objectives and targets that
    promote continuous improvement of our quality, health & safety and
    environmental performance.
  • Ensure quality, health & safety and environmental roles and responsibilities are
    documented and that they are clearly communicated, understood and accepted.
  • Strive to understand our customer needs, meet their requirements
    and aim for total customer satisfaction.
  • Be honest, consistent and fair in our dealings with our customers and suppliers.
  • Ensure the consultation and participation of workers, and, where they exist, worker’s representatives.
  • Ensure this QHSE policy is actively communicated and made available
    to all personnel and other interested parties (including the public).
  • Ensure this QHSE policy is periodically reviewed so that it remains
    relevant and appropriate.
  • We will demonstrate these commitments by endorsing the UN sustainability goals and by meeting the requirements of ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001 and ISO45001- as verified by an external certification body.

Bård Klungseth
Bård Klungseth, CEO DEFA Group