DEFA Security and Finder Link

Protect your vehicle from professional thieves

Standard security systems are rarely enough to keep professional criminals at bay. DEFA Security and Finder Link help protect your vehicle against all methods of burglary and theft.

DEFA Security DVS90 Central unit

Tailor-made security

With DEFA Security and a Finder Link subscription, you have access to everything you need to protect your car. We create optimized software for most cars on the market. The installer downloads the latest software and can assist you in setting up your Link account.

DEFA Mobile Services in the form of Finder Link in-app-map screenshot

Mobile alerts

With Finder Link as part of your security system, you will receive alerts on your phone if your car is moved, started or burglarized. You can also locate your car via GPS and forward the coordinates to the police and your insurance company. See: Subscription information & terms. The DEFA app is available for Android and iOS.

Second Authorization accessory fob

Advanced security

Crowbars and lock picks have been replaced with decoders and signal intercepting equipment. Our system includes a separate immobilizer and Second Authorization, a secondary remote that prevents even the most advanced thieves from disabling the DEFA immobilizer.

How it works

DEFA Security

Finder Link