Chargers & inverters

High-end solutions for any need

We provide high-end chargers for any type of professional or private use. Our products feature the latest charging technology and market leading user friendliness and flexibility.

Portable chargers

Charging is for everyone! SmartCharge is the safest and most-user friendly battery charger in the world.

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Workshop chargers

Professional charging made easier. Our new WorkShopChargers are designed for optimal usability and performance.

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Onboard chargers

Proper battery care keeps you going. Our MultiCharger range offers simplicity, flexibility, efficiency and durability.

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Showroom chargers

Keep your cars charged and your showroom looking good. The ShowroomCharger is as discreet as it is efficient.

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Performance you can rely on

Our chargers are designed to be simple and safe to use, both for professionals and regular consumers. Our portable, workshop and showroom chargers all feature our award winning one button solution and display. Our onboard chargers are flexible, easy to install and can be integrated with other DEFA products through our PlugIn system. All DEFA chargers provide first-class efficiency and are resistant to moisture, extreme temperatures and vibrations.