Simple efficiency

Loud and bulky charging solutions may ruin first impressions and affect your bottom line. The ShowroomCharger keeps your vehicles fully charged without anyone noticing.


The ShowroomCharger is based on modern Switch-Mode technology and has a 95% efficiency. It uses a 7-step charging cycle that optimizes the performance and durability of the batteries in your vehicles. You can easily upgrade the software via the separate USB port.


The charger is compact and can easily be placed under the car. The cable to the clamps can be detached and passed through the engine compartment, hiding the charger from view. It has no fan and makes no noise. Rubber feet and corners are available.


The ShowroomCharger has only one button and an intuitive display for monitoring the battery status. Modern design and a finish in black anodized aluminum provide an attractive exterior. All DEFA chargers are spark-proof and fully secured against reverse polarity and short-circuiting.