Onboard battery chargers

The MultiCharger series

Our MultiCharger family consists of a wide range of high-performance chargers for all types of vehicles. They are easy to install thanks to our PlugIn system and can you can order them with a variety of cable lengths.

MultiCharger onboard battery charger 2x20A

Performance and durability

MultiChargers deliver top-level performance, with optimized charging cycles and a 92% efficiency. They are built to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, and vibrations. All MultiChargers have an immobilizer function that prevents damage to your vehicle if you forget to unplug the cable.

Onboard ChargerKit 1x12A

Simplicity and flexibility

Installing a MultiCharger requires no certification. A wide range of Plug-In cable lengths gives you flexibility during mounting. The practical Remote Panel lets you monitor the battery from inside the cabin. In addition, our chargers have no fan and make no noise. MultiChargers are compatible with all types of lead/acid batteries.

Inverter 1200W 12V product photo

Expand your system

MultiChargers are a part of our module based Plug-In system. You can easily expand your system with our electrical preheating system, app control, tracking and an inverter. With app control, both the driver and the fleet owner can be alerted when the battery needs to be charged.