A better way to start the day

Stay warm through winter with the world's best selling electrical preheating system.

You get:

More comfort

Smiling couple in car on winters day
  • A pre-warmed car, every morning
  • Windows free of ice and snow

Set your regular departure times in the DEFA app and have your car heated and ready when it’s time to leave.

A happier car

Car on winter road in sunrise
  • Reduced engine wear
  • A reliable start with a charged battery

A heated engine starts easier, is better lubricated and more efficient. Regular charging ensures that your car will always start.

A better environment

Children holding hands in sunset on winter road
  • Up to 24% reduced fuel consumption
  • Up to 71% reduced emissions

A preheated engine and a charged battery increases efficiency, lowers consumption and reduces your emissions.


Engine heater

The engine heater preheats the engine and motor oil, providing better lubrication and reduced friction. This reduces wear and fuel consumption. Order separately!

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Interior heater

The Termini™ II interior heater ensures that your car interior is preheated to a comfortable temperature and that your windows are free of ice and fog.

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Battery charger

The MultiCharger keeps your battery fully charged. This ensures that your car will have the power necessary to start. It also prolongs battery life expectancy.

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Choose your control method:

WarmUp GPS Link

DEFA WarmUp app, GPS Link control function
  • Control your system from anywhere in the world
  • Preset heating for up to 6 daily departure times
  • Monitor temperature inside and outside the vehicle
  • Monitor battery status and be alerted if the battery runs low
  • Receive an alert if power is not connected

Only with GPS Link:

  • Security – Receive alerts if your car is stolen or moved
  • Finder – Locate your car and forward coordinates
  • Speed Alert – Receive alerts if a set speed limit is exceeded

WarmUp GPS Link is a subscription service.
See prices and subscription information.
The DEFA app is available for Android and iOS.

WarmUp Bluetooth®

DEFA WarmUp app, bluetooth control function
  • Control your system within Bluetooth range (Near the car)*
  • Preset heating for two daily departure times
  • Monitor outside temperature**
  • Monitor battery status**
  • Receive an alert if the cable is connected when the car is started**

* Range may be affected by walls and terrain.
** Within Bluetooth range

WarmUp Bluetooth does not require a subscription.
The DEFA app is available for Android and iOS.

How it works

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