Termini™ II

A warm car and ice-free windows

Termini™ II Interior heaters combine efficiency and sleek design. They are available for all vehicles and conditions.

Warm car every morning

Termini™ II quickly warms the air in your car. With a full WarmUp system, Termini™ automatically warms up your car in time for your pre-programmed departure times. PTC technology ensures that Termini lowers its output as the car gets warm, so no excess electricity is used.

Windows without ice and condensation

As Termini™ heats the windows in your car, ice and snow melts away. The warm air and windows also prevent condensation from forming when you get in, saving you even more time in the morning. With clear windows and more time, you become a better and safer driver.

Simple mounting

Termini™ II heaters are easily installed in any vehicle, either upside down under the glove compartment, on the center console or the A-pillar. The compact size and sleek design of Termini heaters ensure that they fit with any interior.