DEFA engine heaters

The best fit for every car

We're the world's leading manufacturer of engine heaters and electrical preheating systems. We develop optimized engine heaters for every car on the market. A DEFA engine heater reduces wear on the engine, lowers your fuel consumption and reduces harmful emissions.

Efficient heating

Our technical team selects and develops the ideal heating solution for every new car on the market. This ensures that you can always get the most efficient heater for your engine. That efficiency means the engine will be heated faster and run more smoothly once you start driving.

Simple mounting

For every new car model on the market our engineers select, customize or design a dedicated engine heater solution. The goal is not only to achieve the optimal results, but also to make the solution as simple to install and mount as possible. As an installer, time really is money.

Complete control

Installing a full WarmUp system will give you full control over the preheating of your engine via your mobile phone. A full WarmUp system also includes an interior heater and a battery charger. These components work together to preserve your engine and your battery.

The truth about contact heaters:

Some car owners mistakenly believe that contact heaters are less efficient than hose heaters. This misconception likely stems from the fact that the interior heating system in older vehicles got its heat from the engine coolant. For this reason, using a hose heater used to lead to warm air being blow into the interior the car immediately after starting the engine. Compared to using a contact heater, this created the impression that the engine was heated faster or more efficiently. However, this is not correct. In fact, a contact heater warms up the engine just as efficiently as a hose heater, only by a different mechanism. The temperature of the air in the internal heating system is not a valid measure of how efficiently the engine is being heated.

In modern vehicles, valves have been installed to prevent heat from the coolant from being used to heat the interior of the car until the engine is sufficiently hot. The important thing is that the engine reaches its ideal working temperature as quickly as possible.

The best way to ensure a warm and comfortable interior is to install a Termini cabin heater or a full WarmUp system.

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PTC heaters - leading edge efficiency

Engine heater SafeStart PTC series, seen from the side

Increased flexibility:

Our PTC heaters can be combined with connectors in several angles and dimensions, making them easy to install in most vehicles.

Efficient heating:

The heating element is placed in the middle of the aluminum housing, ensuring that the coolant is heated quickly and efficiently

Reduced power consumption:

The PTC element is self regulating –  meaning that the resistance increases in parallel with the temperature of the element. This ensures that no excess electricity is used.

No burn-off risk:

The self-regulating PTC element also means that there is no longer any risk of burn-off or damage to other components in the engine compartment.

Top level security:

The new design removes the risk of coolant leaking into the heating element, and of pressure inside the housing getting too high or too low.