DEFA engine heaters

The best fit for every car

We're the world's leading manufacturer of engine heaters and provide customized solutions for each new model on the market.

What you get:

SafeStart PTC engine heater

Reduced wear and fuel consumption

Each of our customized engine heater solutions provides efficient heating of your engine and motor oil. Warm oil has a lower viscosity and better lubricates the engine, while a preheated engine is supplied with less fuel and burns the fuel it gets more efficiently.

DEFA WarmUp app, GPS Link control function

Part of a complete car care system

Installing a full WarmUp system enables you to take even better care of your car. A complete system also includes an interior heater, a battery charger, and automatic and manual app control. These components work together to protect your engine, battery, electronic systems, and more.

90° end piece for SafeStart PTC

Simple and flexible installations

Our dedicated engineers select, customize and design specialized engine heater solutions for each new model on the market. Their goal is not only to achieve the best results, but also to make installing the solution as simple, fast and flexible as possible for the installer.

PTC heaters - flexible efficiency

PTC contact heater

PTC contact heater

Designed for WLTP compliance

Hose heaters may trigger coolant temperature sensors introduced as a result of the WLTP. Our new PTC contact heater eliminates this issue and is the best solution for many vehicles.

Ideal heat distribution and efficiency

Contact heaters warm the engine as efficiently as hose heaters, with an ideal distribution of heat. The self-regulating PTC element uses only the power required to heat the engine.

Rapid adaptation to new models

Combining a universal heating element with adaptor pieces designed for each car model enables us to have customized solutions ready in a very short time.

SafeStart PTC engine heater, seen from the side

PTC hose heater

More flexible installations

The PTC hose heater is available in several dimensions and comes with hose connectors in several angles and dimensions, making it easy to install in most vehicles.

Reduced power consumption

The PTC element is self-regulating –  meaning that the resistance increases in parallel with the temperature of the element. This ensures that no excess electricity is used.

Excellent security and durability

The self-regulating PTC element eliminates the risk of burn-off or damage to other components. The element design removes leaks into the heating element and of excess pressure.