DEFA engine heaters

Optimized solutions

We develop optimized engine heaters for a large number of engines. Use an engine heater on cold days to reduce wear on your engine, lower fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions.

PTC contact heater

Efficient heating

We develop customized engine heaters for a large number of engines and car models. This means that engines are heated faster and run more smoothly once you start driving. Call our tech line at +1 647 660 DEFA (3332) to find the best solution for your car.

WarmUp Bluetooth kit

Simple mounting

We customize our solutions to make them easy to install in most engine compartments. This helps the mechanic save time. Our dedicated R&D department quickly makes customized solutions available for new car models.

DEFA app Bluetooth

Complete control

Get full control over your heating system with your mobile phone by installing a full WarmUp system. Set your desired departure times and have your car heated in time, or operate the system manually. A full WarmUp system also includes an interior heater and a battery charger, which will complement the engine heater.

PTC contact heaters

PTC contact heater

Increased flexibility:

Our PTC contact heaters utilize a universal heating element that is combined with adaptor pieces customizes for each engine and car model.

Efficient heating:

Contact heaters efficiently warm the engine block and the motor oil, ensuring better lubrication and reduces wear.

Reduced power consumption:

The PTC element is self-regulating – no excess electricity is used.

No burn-off risk:

Because the PTC element is made of a self-regulating ceramic and contains no heating wire, there is no danger of burn-off.