About DEFA Group

We believe in innovation
Bård Klungseth

Bård Klungseth CEO DEFA Group

Our goal is to make people’s lives easier and more environmentally friendly by helping them use energy as efficiently as possible. Our products and services improve the way people charge and preheat their vehicles and light up their buildings or roads. We keep improving our offering by focusing on continuous improvement and innovation.

DEFA is a Norwegian company, founded in 1946. We currently have more than 400 employees on three continents. Our products and services are distributed in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Mission statement

We are moving the world forward by optimizing energy usage


We believe that we exist to make great products

We believe in continuous improvement and dedication to innovation

We believe that deep collaboration drives innovation

We believe in the value of simplicity

We believe in focusing only on the projects that are truly important to us




Target oriented





DEFA launched its first engine heater in 1960. At the end of the ’70s, DEFA introduced its PlugIn system, making it easier to install electrical preheating in cars.

In the ’80s DEFA introduced the first complete WarmUp system, a no idle and fully integrated
and programmable charging and heating system. (engine heater, cabin heater, the first onboard
battery charger in the engine compartment, and a 12V timer installed in a car). In 2005 DEFA
established Technology Wuxi as a separate production unit in China.

DEFA enjoys a leading position in Europe in the area of electrical automotive heating and charging systems. DEFA is also the global leader in supplying and handling charging stations, facilities and administration solutions for electric vehicles.

DEFA manufactures its products in three main facilities in Norway, Sweden and China. We are proud to have employees with more than 20 years of experience at DEFA.

DEFA has offices across the world with the main office for North America located in Markham
Ontario. DEFA North America is offering support in the areas of marketing, sales, technical and
customer service. We also assist with engineering, such as test installations and training.