Car windshield covered by snow in the winter

It’s fanken cold, eh?

Say goodbye to frosty windows and a cold car,
with the world’s best selling heating and charging system.

What is DEFA WarmUp?

WarmUp is an electrical preheating and charging solution.
It gives you increased comfort and convenience, a better value, and a more environmentally friendly car.

A dry and warm car outfitted with WarmUp in a winter parking lot, next to cars covered by snow

Increased comfort and convenience

  • Contributes to ice free windows.
  • A preheated compartment gives a nice and warm start of the journey.
  • A fully charged battery for a safe start under any weather conditions.

Increased value

  • The WarmUp system contributes to less fuel consumption.
  • No wasted fuel due to idling.
  • Less wear on the battery and engine extends the lifetime of your car.

*Up to 24% in the first 20 minutes

A smiling couple in a car on a winter road
Children holding hands in winter sunset

A more environmentally friendly car

  • A preheated car reduces harmful emissions by up to 71% in the first 20 minutes of the drive.
  • A car releases the same number of harmful emissions in the first 30 seconds after a cold start as in 190 miles of driving with a warm engine.

How is WarmUp contributing to less fuel consumption, less harmful emissions and also contributing to extending the lifetime of your engine? Read more

WarmUp launch DEFA North America

European market leader with successful launch in North America

European market leader in electrical preheating, DEFA, has secured agreements with all major OEMs, and launched their line of no-idle charging and heating systems in North America. Due to strong relationships with the car importers and manufacturers in Europe, the same distribution channels are secured in Canada. Read more

WarmUp in 1-2-3

Watch this video to better understand the benefits of a WarmUp system

DEFA app Bluetooth

Bluetooth® App Control

  • Control your system within Bluetooth® range (near the vehicle)
  • Preset heating for two daily departure times
  • Monitor the outside temperature**
  • Monitor the battery status**
  • Receive an alert if the cable is connected when the car is started**

To use WarmUp Bluetooth®, you must first download the DEFA app, which is available for iOS and Android. Download it for free from the App Store or Google Play ***. WarmUp Bluetooth® does not require a subscription.


A WarmUp system consists of any combination of engine heater, interior heater, and onboard Smart battery charger to best suit your needs. The system can be easily controlled with Bluetooth via the DEFA app

PTC contact heater

Engine heater

The engine heater heats the engine, motor oil and coolant liquids, ensuring better lubrication and reduced friction. This reduces wear and fuel consumption. Note! Must be ordered separately.

Termini 1400

Interior heater

The Termini™ interior heater ensures that your vehicle’s interior is heated to a more comfortable temperature and that there are less ice and fog on your windows. A smart heating system reduces energy consumption.

MultiCharger 1203X

Onboard charger

The MultiCharger keeps your battery charged*. This helps ensure that your vehicle will have the power necessary to start your vehicle, and extends battery life.
*Must be connected to functional 120V outlet.

Find a dealer

A WarmUp system can be installed into most cars in Canada via your selling/servicing dealership (where available).

Please navigate to your manufacturer’s dealer locator below, or select from aftermarket dealership destinations if your vehicle make is not listed.

National dealerships

Regional dealerships

Aftermarket retail


* Range may be affected by walls and terrain.
* For smartphones with Bluetooth® Low Energy.
** Your Smartphone must be paired with DEFA Bluetooth® Hub.
*** Refer to the App Store or Google Play to see which Android and iOS versions that are currently supported. Please note that OS requirements are subject to change without notification.