Say goodbye to frosty windows and a cold car. Stay warmer, safer and more comfortable with the world's best selling heating and charging system.

WarmUp benefits:

A smiling couple in a car on a winter road

More comfort

  • A warmer vehicle every day
  • Less ice & snow on the windows

If you have access to a power outlet, WarmUp lets you heat your vehicle at any time. Set your desired departure times with the DEFA app or the Futura control unit.

Morning sun shining on car in winter

A happier vehicle

  • Reduced engine wear
  • A charged battery*

A heated engine is easier to start, better lubricated, and runs more efficiently. Regular charging ensures that your vehicle is more likely to start.

*Must be connected to functional 120V outlet.
Children holding hands in winter sunset

A healthier environment

  • Up to 24% reduced fuel consumption
  • Up to 71% reduced emissions

A heated engine and a regularly charged battery lowers fuel consumption, increases the life expectancy of the battery, and reduces harmful emissions.

How it works:

Bluetooth® control:

Build your own kit:

WarmUp levels illustration

A modular system that can be customized for your desired comfort level

From the basic kit to the most comprehensive one, this scalable product lineup allows you to select your preferred comfort level, save fuel, and reduce emissions.

App control:

DEFA app Bluetooth

WarmUp Bluetooth®

To use WarmUp Bluetooth®, you must first download the DEFA app, which is available for iOS and Android. Download it for free from the App Store or Google Play ***. WarmUp Bluetooth® does not require a subscription.

Start smarter with DEFA WarmUp


* Range may be affected by walls and terrain.
* For smartphones with Bluetooth® Low Energy.
** Your Smartphone must be paired with DEFA Bluetooth® Hub.
*** Refer to the App Store or Google Play to see which Android and iOS versions that are currently supported. Please note that OS requirements are subject to change without notification.