About DEFA

Bård Klungseth

Bård Klungseth CEO DEFA Group

DEFA is a family-owned Norwegian technology company established in 1946, with employees in seven countries on three continents. For more than 75 years, we have evolved from a local family business to an international charging company, driven by the search for new connections between technology and people.

Our Story (Mission statement)

DEFA has always been about connections.

Connections between problem and solution, technology and demand, and between experience and opportunity.

In pursuit of new connections, we have grown, innovated and matured from a local family business to a global charging company.

Despite our size or our wide range of products and services, our reason for being is still the same. Fundamentally, it has always been about people, and connecting them and the power they need.

What makes a good connection? What brings technology from a good idea to a global success?

To us, it’s a no-brainer. We believe in the value of simplicity. It’s harder to achieve, demands more effort and brings more risk – but simplicity is the virtue of all successful innovations, and the modus operandi at DEFA.

That is how we make technology that works for everyone, everywhere and every time.

That is how we connect people and the power they need.

More power to you.


Customers first

Make complex things simple

Act with integrity

Strive for excellence