4 good reasons to use electrical preheating in your car

The frozen side mirror of a car.

Getting into a warm car in the morning is not the only benefit. Here are the four best reasons to get an electrical preheating system!

1. Increased comfort and safety

Any choice between an aggressively cold and a pleasantly preheated car is easy. Ducking out of the cold and into welcoming warmth provides a much-improved start to the day. Not having to spend precious morning minutes furiously scraping stubborn ice of the windows is another welcome relief. With windows already free of ice and fog, you’re sure to become a safer and more relaxed driver.

2. Preheating reduces toxic emissions.

A cold start causes even new cars to release the same amount of toxic emissions in the first 30 seconds as a heated car emits in nearly 190 miles of driving. This alarming revelation comes from a study conducted by scientists at Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of California. Increased emissions from cold starts make the air we breathe decidedly unhealthy, especially for those of us who live in densely populated areas. For anyone up to date on climate science, the unfortunate implications for the future should be clear.

By using an electrical preheating system, you can minimize your negative impact on the local and global environment. Studies have shown that electrical preheating can reduce emissions by up to 71%! (Read more)

3. A preheated car consumes less fuel

Who says environmentalism and the economy are at odds? Reducing fuel consumption is a double benefit. A preheated car uses less fuel to heat the engine to its ideal temperature. Besides, you won’t have to use fuel-consuming heating functions like seat heaters and defrosters.

4. Preheating reduces wear on the engine

Cold starting a car is a bit like forcing it straight from bed and into a 100-meter dash – you might not notice at once, but harm is likely to occur. A cold engine has cold oil and cold oil is thicker and less able to lubricate the engine effectively. That’s not ideal. Your engine as a whole also reacts to the cold and is much happier when it’s sufficiently warm.

How it works – WarmUp electrical preheating:

How to avoid cold starts

With the harmful effects of cold starts in the open, the next question becomes how to prevent them. If you’re the lucky owner of a garage – keep using it. If you’re between garages, however, an electric preheating system is the way to go.

What is electrical preheating?

A complete electrical preheating system consists of four main components. All these components contribute to reducing toxic emissions, fuel consumption, and wear on the engine, in addition to making each day easier and more comfortable for the user.

Interior Heater

The interior heater warms the air in the driver and passenger compartment, making it more comfortable while reducing the need for seat heaters, defrosters, and similar heating functions. When these aren’t used, the engine uses less fuel to drive the generator. A warm interior also melts ice on the windows and helps prevent fogging.



Engine Heater

The engine heater preheats the engine and motor oil, ensuring better lubrication and reduced friction. This reduces wear and fuel consumption. We create custom engine heaters for nearly all car models on the market. Hose heaters and contact heaters are equally efficient at heating the engine. Note! The engine heater must be ordered separately.



Battery Charger

The battery charger keeps your battery fully charged. This ensures that your car will have the power necessary to start, even in the coldest weather. It also prolongs battery life. Furthermore, preventing a complete discharge helps maintain settings in the car’s electrical and computer systems.


DEFA AppControl System

A user-friendly app on your phone helps you control and program the heating to suit your habits. The system automatically figures out when to start heating to have our car ready when you’re scheduled to leave. It also regulates heating down when the engine and interior are ready so that you won’t use more power than necessary.


Read more about our electrical preheating system here.