DEFA Lighting

Expertise and solutions for your projects

We are an experienced provider of professional lighting solutions and offer market-leading expertise in project management, light-planning and design. We develop our own products with leading-edge technology and simple installation.

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Proper light is essential for well-being and productivity. Our products satisfy the strictest standards for lighting and efficiency, and provide excellent reliability, durability and build quality.

LedgeCircle sensor


Quality components, rigorous testing and state-of-the-art production ensure that our products provide first-class efficiency and durability. Our wide selection of control solutions makes it easy to keep power consumption to a minimum.

LedgeCircle D460 in stairway, Intelligent LED lighting with flexible control solutions


Our products are designed to be easy to transport and install. Small boxes mean that you can bring more at a time and installer-friendly plug & play mounting solutions help you save time and reduce strain.

We're launching Neptune and Protect 2.0

We’ve sold 1,5 million Protect and Neptune fittings since they were first launched. Now we’re launching new versions!

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LedgeCircle® RF - intelligent lighting

The latest member of the Ledge® provides light when you need it, and conserves energy when you don’t.

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Quality lighting in schools

Upgrading school lighting with modern LED lighting helps create a better learning environment for teachers and students alike.

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