Healthcare lighting solutions

The best conditions for care and compassion

Healthcare facilities require highly customized and specialized lighting solutions. Our experts can provide the solutions needed to provide the the ideal environment for health care workers and their patients.

The value of getting light right

Doctor supporting an elderly man while walking

Health and well-being

Light has a great influence on our sense of well-being, our moods and our physical and mental health. Well-planned light solutions with the right intensity and color temperature help patients and residents in nursing homes and other health institutions to recover faster and feel better.

Ideal working conditions

To provide the best possible care, doctors and other health professionals require lighting solutions that fulfill a wide variety of requirements. Sufficient light levels and accurate color rendering help them make an accurate diagnosis and reduces the risk of errors.

The light should provide high visual comfort for patients and staff. Automated human-centric lighting in selected rooms can help the staff to focus throughout long shifts.

Smiling doctor in hospital

Economy and the environment

The less healthcare facilities have to spend on lighting, the more they can spend on quality care and equipment. Highly efficient, durable and maintenance-free fittings with automated control systems contribute to better use of resources and also reduces their negative impact on the environment.

Visitors and doctor talking in hospital hallway

Human Centric Lighting

How human-oriented lighting works

How the adjusts throughout the day is determined not only by the time of day, but by the access to natural light and who the light is created for. In health-related businesses, the lighting should ensure sound visual comfort for patients and staff.
Automatic human-oriented lighting in selected rooms can make it easier for employees to stay focused through long shifts.


Patient rooms

The lighting in patient rooms must satisfy both needs of doctors and nurses, and of the patients themselves. For staff, adequate light with a high-end color rendering is necessary to monitor and treat patients in their beds. For patients, visual comfort and maintaining a natural circadian rhythm promotes recovery and well-being, while reducing depression and anxiety.

Patients and residents must be able to control their surroundings, for instance by dimming and turning off the light or use a reading light. Solutions with adjustable-white that can shift the color temperature help provide a relaxing environment. Since patient rooms are used 24 hours a day, automated human-centric solutions combined with manual overrides for each room or bedpost may be a good solution.

Patient is being examined by doctor

Offices and examination rooms

Lighting in doctors’ offices and examination rooms must satisfy the needs of the tasks performed there, while also contributing to a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. The light must also help doctors make the right diagnosis by providing an accurate impression of any external diagnostic markers, like rashes or marks, skin complexion or swelling.

Laberatory worker looking into microscope


Laboratory work requires intense focus on detailed tasks over long periods of time. Adequate light levels and color rendering is crucial in helping staff remain alert and in reducing the potential for errors. Much laboratory work also involves looking at screens, so it is important to minimize reflections and glare.

Woman in hospital waiting room

Reception and waiting rooms

Reception areas and waiting rooms should provide a welcoming and calming atmosphere for patients, their families, and other visitors. These areas should have adequate, but comfortable light levels and color temperatures.

Visitors and doctor talking in hospital hallway

Corridors and stairwells

Corridors and stairwells play a crucial role in helping staff, patients and visitors easily and effectively get from one area to another. These areas also play an important role in forming the impression of the hospital for patients and visitors, and the lighting should contribute to an inviting and calming atmosphere. Patients in hospitals and nursing homes often have reduced eyesight and difficulty walking, so there must be enough light to prevent accidents.

Reference projects

Stavanger Hospital - exterior

Stavanger Hospital

We have delivered lighting solutions for Stavanger Hospital in Norway.

Hammerfest Hospital - illustration

Hammerfest Hospital

We have been selected to deliver lighting solutions to the new Hammerfest Hospital in northern Norway.

Arendal emergency clinic

We are delivering the lighting in the new emergency clinic in the city of Arendal in the south of Norway.

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