Vandal proof fittings

A step ahead of the competition

Since they were first launched, we have sold 1,5 million units of Neptune and Protect. The fittings have become well know across the Nordics for excellent quality and durability. A new generation is now available, with the latest technology and solutions.

Protect 2.0 fittings in ceiling above walkway


Flexible use of sensors and control systems

Neptune 2.0 and Protect 2.0 have DC drivers, which ensure that they can be delivered with any type of sensor and control system needed in a modern building. This not only lowers power consumption and costs, but also reduces light pollution in the surrounding area.

Flicker-free light

DC drivers also ensure that our fittings are completely flicker-free, even when used with automated and manual control systems. This ensures better light quality and more well-being for employees, students, and residents.

Protect in ceiling and on wall in wide, modern hallway

For outdoor and indoor applications

Flicker-free light and flexible control solutions also mean that Neptune 2.0 and Protect 2.0 fittings can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications where vandal-proof solutions are needed.

Neptune Half cover on wall

The lowest build heights in the market

Neptune and Protect 2.0 fittings have the lowest build heights on the market. This not only makes for a simpler installation and more attractive design, but it also means that indoor wall mounts take up less space in corridors and stairwells. 

Small boxes – easier transport and less waste

A slim design also means that Neptune and Protect 2.0 fittings can come in smaller boxes. This means that they are easier and more environmentally friendly to transport in larger numbers and that there is less waste.

Neptune Cross on wall by door

15 – year protection against corrosion

With 15 – year protection against C5 corrosion, our painted Neptune 2.0 and Protect 2.0 fittings can withstand harshest outdoor environments, with the highest levels of moisture and salt.

No maintenance

Protection against corrosion and high-quality components at every level ensures that our fittings stay completely maintenance-free throughout their expected lifetime.

Neptune Grid on wall

Uniform light surface

Thanks to a unique LED module design, Neptune 2.0 and Protect 2.0 fittings have a completely uniform light surface with no shadows or hotspots.

Glossy diffuser surfaces

Glossy diffuser surfaces prevent the collection of dirt and make the fittings easier to clean.

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