LedgeCircle® RF

Intelligent lighting

LedgeCircle RF has a unique combination of sensors and radio communication that helps you reduce power consumption and provide high-quality light, where and when it's needed.

How it works:

Detection and communication illustration 1

Detection and communication

  • Each LedgeCircle RF has a built-in radar sensor and a radio unit that enables it to communicate with up to 30 other fittings.
  • When a fitting detects motion, it turns on and signals connected fittings to do the same.
  • Connected fittings can be set to respond by turning on to the Max light level or the selected Standby/Min level.
Detection and communication illustration 2
  • As a person moves through the building, fittings that detect motion continues to signal connected fittings to turn or stay on.
  • Each fitting stays on at the Max level for an adjustable Hold Period (100%) and Standby Period (Selected Min level) after the last detection or signal.
  • This ensures that there is always enough light wherever it is needed.


Detection and communication Stairwell illustration 1
  • Any fitting that detects motion turns on to the Max light level and signals other fittings on the same floor to do the same.
  • Stairwell fittings also signal fittings on the floors above and below to turn on to the selected Min/Standby level. This may be set to 10, 20, 30 or 50%.
  • This provides some light on the next floor for people going up or down the stairs.
LedgeCircle RF Stairwell illustration 2
  • As a person moves up or down, he or she is detected by the stairwell fitting on that floor, already at the selected Standby/Min level.
  • The fitting goes to the Max level, signals all fittings on the same floor to do the same, and signals the stairwell fitting on the next floor to go to the selected Standby/Min level.
  • The fittings in the first floor remain on at 100% for the selected duration of the Hold Period.
LedgeCircle RF Stairwell illustration 3
  • As the person continues to move up the floor, connected fittings turn on in the same way.
  • As the Hold Period expires, fittings on the lower floors to the selected Standby/Min level for the selected duration of the Standby period.
  • A person exiting a flat or office will cause all fittings on that floor to turn on to the Max level.
LedgeCircle RF Stairwell illustration 4
  • Fittings on each floor turn off when the Standby Period expires. Note that the Standby Period may also be set to Indefinite, meaning that the fittings never turn off completely.
  • Settings for Detection Range, Hold and Standby Periods, Standby/Min dimming level and Daylight Sensor can all be configured with a remote (accessory).