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A modern work environment requires flexibility and focus. Our experts create solutions that promote well-bein, creativity and productivity.

The value of getting light right

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More well-being and better health

The right amount and quality of light are essential for our health and well-being.  Lighting solutions should also be customized for different tasks and applications, times of day, and individual needs. Human-centric light solutions can be used to automatically adjust the light levels and color temperature throughout the day. The focus should be on providing a high degree of visual comfort.

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Improved performance

Well-planned lighting solutions can contribute to increasing focus, reducing stress and creating a better social environment. These elements are all necessary for people and businesses to perform at their best. Quality lighting also contributes to reduced absence.

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Reduced consumption

All businesses have a responsibility for contributing to a better environment. High-end fittings provide first-rate efficiency, a long life expectancy, and less waste. Intelligent control systems ensure that the light is only ever on when it’s needed and that no excess power is used. We are committed to following all environmental standards, minimizing waste from packaging and creating recyclable products.


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Private offices

All work surfaces in private offices should have 500 lux as standard, but to achieve optimal results, the lighting should be customized for each user’s individual needs, preferences and tasks. The solution is planned so that the work ara is evenly lit, with optics that provide visual comfort. This is achieved by limiting discomfort glare, reflections and shadows.

We recommend dynamic lighting to create appropriate contrasts and to define each function of the room with the help of different color temperatures and light levels. This will create a better work environment and stimulate productivity and well-being.

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Open offices

Open offices must be carefully planned to ensure that the lighting is optimized both for individual workstations, for group areas and for the totality of the room. Each work surface should be evenly lit with the standard 500 lux and a good combination of direct and indirect light. Well-lit faces and sufficient lightlevels on walls and ceilings create a brighter environment and increased well-being. Low glare and minimal reflections of screens and other work surfaces prevent discomfort while working.

Human Centric Lighting can be used as a supplement to provide more dynamic working conditions. HCL solutions automatically adjust the light level and color temperature to optimize well-being and performance.

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Meeting rooms

Modern meeting rooms require flexible solutions that can provide the ideal lighting for in-person meetings, presentations and video conferences.

For in-person meetings, diffused even light should illuminate faces and provide sufficient light on work surfaces for reading and writing. The right optics and shielding prevent glare and reflections from screens.

During presentations, participants should be able to dim the light over TV or projector screens and provide directed light to highlight a whiteboard or flip over. It’s also important that all participants can see the face of the presenter.

In rooms used for video conferences its important to light up the faces of all participants in the room, so that they are easy to see and communicates for participants watching them on a screen. This usually involves a directed light from the ceiling or walls that can be turned on automatically or separately from the ordinary room lighting.

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Corridors and stairwells

In addition to binding offices and areas together, corridors and stairwells play an important role in creating a pleasant environment and a good visual identity. Corridors are an important arena for formal and informal conversations, and the lighting affects employees each time they move from one room or activity to another.

To create the best possible conditions, the lighting should help illuminate faces, walls artwork, or other design elements.

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Lobbies and atriums

Lobbies and entrance areas are where businesses and organizations can create a favorable first impression and lay the groundwork for positive interactions with customers and partners. The lighting in lobbies, atriums and other open areas should accentuate and emphasize design elements and artwork.

The entrance area is where visitors pass between natural and artificial light and the light levels should be higher than in other rooms to ease the transition. The lighting in lobbies and other open areas should also help people orient themselves by subtly highlighting specific areas such as the reception area, sitting areas, elevators, and stairwells.

The reception area should be especially well lit to help employees connect with employees and perform administrative tasks. Areas intended for waiting, socializing or informal meetings should be lit in a manner fitting for their use.

Reference projects

Exterior of the Vy and Gjensidige building in Oslo

Vy transport & Gjensidige insurance

We have delivered all the interior lighting solutions in the office building of Vy transport and Gjensidige insurance in the center of Oslo.

Gard Insurance building in Arendal

Gard Marine insurance head office

We have delivered new interior lighting solutions when refurbishing the Head office of Gard Marine Insurance company in the city of Arendal in the south of Norway.

Malmoe Citihall goes for Energy Efficiency

Through replacement of old fitting to new energy efficient LED fittings the city of Malmoe achive better lighting at a lower energy cost.

STIM - new head office in Norway

We have the pleasure to deliver the lighting solutions in STIMs new head office, laboratory and factory at Leknes in Lofoten.

Orneshaugen assembly hall

We have delivered all lighting at Orneshaugen assembly hall in the city of Narvik in the north of Norway.


RISE – Research Institute – Gothenburg

AstraZeneca – Stockholm

DAHL service center – Kristiansand

Takeda – Asker