ShowroomCharger 50A

Charger for dealerships

An efficient, discreet and user-friendly charger that keeps your vehicles fully charged, without the customers noticing.

Item no: 709800


ShowroomCharger 50A represents the latest in charging technology. It is built with modern Switch-Mode technology, has a 95% efficiency and uses 7 step charging curve that optimizes battery performance and longevity. It’s compact and has detachable cables that can you can run through the engine compartment. You can place the charger under the car or hood, out of view for your customers. Rubber feet and corners are available for further protection. Easily upgrade the software via the separate USB port.

ShowroomCharger 50A has a 14.7V button and a lithium button that can be pressed to adapt the charging curve to the battery type. Power supply mode is also available.

Features – ShowroomCharger 50A:

Very high efficiency – 95%
Optimal charging – 7 step charging curve
Upgradeable software – via separate USB port
Discreet design – black anodized aluminum
Discreet placement – detachable cables can you can run through the engine compartment
No noise – no fan
Safe – spark and short circuit proof
No scratches or marks – rubber feet and corners are available
Power supply mode – the charger delivers power without being connected to a battery

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Technical description

DEFA AS is conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. In addition to this, our engine heaters and cables are conforming to the requirements of IATF 16949.

Input voltage
Operating temperature
Charging voltage
Maintenance charging
Charging current
IP rating
AC Power Cord
DC Power Leads
Insulation class
-20°C / +40°C
HWD: 280/175/85mm