As the demand for power in trucks is growing, the need for efficient battery charging is self-evident. Proper battery maintenance allows the driver to enjoy the comfort and convenience of being able to watch TV, charge their phone or use the coffee maker, without worrying that the batteries will become drained.

Trucks at parking place

Comfortable life

For many drivers the truck is a mobile home where they spend their everyday life, both day and night. Make sure to keep a comfortable home! DEFA inverters power all the equipment that makes a life comfortable in the truck.

Battery charger mounted on fire truck

Reliable quality

Our products are designed to handle extreme conditions and are rigorously tested to ensure that they can handle heavy use and harsh environments.

Schematic view of the DEFA PlugIn system

A flexible system

DEFA PlugIn-system is modular and ideal for tailor made solutions in heavy trucks. Add sockets where ever the need arises or expand the system with a battery charger if the battery is exposed to heavy loads.

Why choose DEFA PlugInSystem

Inverters and battery chargers for heavy truck

What is the DEFA PlugIn System?

The DEFA PlugIn system is a modular system for power supply, charging and preheating. We have perfected our solutions over many years, and we are currently the leading provider of power supply, charging and preheating solutions for vehicles of all sizes and specifications.

Picture from production line in the cutting-edge DEFA factory in Wuxi, China

High-quality products

Research, quality control, and close cooperation with our customers are the central tenets of our philosophy. Our research and development take place in our own factories, and our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the most stringent requirements. As a result, customers choose our products for the most demanding applications, such as in emergency vehicles.

PlugIn connector closeup

The unique PlugIn connector

The DEFA PlugIn connector is the foundation of our system. It’s carefully designed to guarantee safe and effective power transfer and to prevent moisture and dirt from infiltrating the connection. Installation is quick, easy and safe – in fact, no license is required.

Schematic view of the DEFA PlugIn system

An expandable system

The PlugIn system is modular and can be supplemented with additional components if the need arises. Simple and safe PlugIn connections also makes it easy to upgrade or replace components. This means that you get a future proof system that you can adapt to changed requirements.

MultiCharger 2x35A onboard battery charger

Intelligent chargers

Intelligent battery chargers help maintain battery performance. Our chargers analyze the batteries and provide optimal, temperature adjusted charging curves. This extends battery lifetimes and minimizes waste. Our chargers are compact and water, dust and shock-resistant.

DEFA Inverter 1200W 12V without transfer switch, seen from the side with connection panel visible

Highly efficient inverters

An inverter provides access to 230VAC on the truck, making it possible to charge or operate most types of electrical equipment. Our inverters meet the highest standards of quality and safety. They are designed to withstand heavy use and provide the best possible voltage at all times. You can expand the system with several outlets at any time.

For the installer

Mechanic working in engine compartment

Quick and easy installation

It is essential to choose a system that is easy to install, and that can handle rough environments and heavy loads. The PlugIn system, in combination with a large selection of cables and connectors, provides both. Smart connections mean that no license is required to make the installation.

Our products are compact and easy to mount, even when space is limited. Remote panels make the installation flexible since components don’t need to be accessible for the user.

Battery charger mounted on fire truck

Perfect for narrow spaces

Our products are compact and easy to mount, even when space is limited. That makes them ideal for emergency vehicles. Remote panels make installation even more flexible since chargers and inverters don’t have to be easily accessible. Sockets can be installed wherever they are needed