InverterKit 2500W 24V

24V to 230VAC inverter

The kit consists of an inverter, a 2m extension cable, outlet, and a remote control panel. It can easily be expanded via the DEFA PlugIn system.

Item no: 712001


The DEFA inverter 2500W 24V is highly efficient, easy to install, and provides reliable 230VAC power with pure sine. It can handle all modern alternators, and double-peak output ensures that it can start heavy motorized equipment. It is fully compatible with the DEFA PlugIn system, and you can easily install more 230V outlets in your vehicle.

InverterKit 2500W 24V contains:

  • 1x 709797 Inverter 1200W 12V without transfer switch
  • 1x 709340 remote control panel
  • 1x 704550 orange PlugIn extension cable (2m)
  • 1x 700401 single Schuko outlet / 1x 700403 double Schuko outlet

Kit weight: 6600g

InverterKit 2500W 24V features:

Easy installation

Inverter 2500W 24V is 33% smaller than previous versions and is easy to mount even with minimal available space thanks to our unique PlugIn connector and cable system. Adding a remote control panel makes installation even more flexible.

ECO Mode

The new ECO Mode minimizes the drain from the battery when the inverter is not in use.

Remote Control Panel

This kit includes a remote control panel, which makes it possible to control the inverter from the driver’s compartment. The panel also makes the installation of the inverter more flexible since it can be mounted in locations where it’s not easily accessible.

Reduced noise

Because of the high current required to create 230VAC, inverters need fans to help prevent overheating. Our new inverter has a fan with variable speeds, which helps reduce noise when only limited cooling is required.

Consider installing a battery charger

Using an inverter requires a significant amount of power from your battery. In addition to having two batteries, we recommend that you install an onboard battery charger to maintain battery performance and life expectancy. Without frequent charging, your batteries will quickly drain and degrade. When this happens, you may no longer be able to start your vehicle or use your inverter.

Our onboard battery charger solutions are easily connected to and integrated with our inverters through the PlugIn system.

Technical description

DEFA AS is conforming to the requirements of both ISO 9001- 2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. In addition to this, our engine heaters and cables are conforming to the requirements of ISO/TS 16949:2002.

Power outlet Input voltage Constant output power Output voltage, pure sine wave No load power Eco mode power Thermal protection, auto-shut off Auto shut-off at Alarm for low voltage Operating temperature Size IP rating Weight
Double 20-32V DC 2500W 220-240V < 1,0A < 0,4A 65°C H: 33,0V (±0,5) /L: 20,0V (±0,5) 21,6V (±0,5) -30°C / +60°C HWD: 412x254x88,5mm IP20 6,3kg
Single 20-32V DC 2500W 220-240V < 1,0A < 0,4A 65°C H: 33,0V (±0,5) /L: 20,0V (±0,5) 21,6V (±0,5) -30°C / +60°C HWD: 412x254x88,5mm IP20 6,3kg