DEFA InverterKit 1000W 24V, consisting of an inverter, a double power outlet, a coiled extension cable, and a remote control panel

InverterKit 1000W 24V

Inc, cable, panel and outlet

Includes a 1000W inverter for 24V batteries, a 2m cable, a remote control panel and a double power outlet. Easily installed and expanded with the PlugIn system.

Art. nr: 704075


InverterKit 1000W 24V is highly efficient, easy to install, and provides reliable 230VAC power with pure sine. It is fully compatible with the DEFA PlugIn system, and you can easily install more 230V outlets in your vehicle.

InverterKit 1000W 24V features:

Easy installation

Inverter 1000W 24V is easy to mount even with limited available space thanks to our unique PlugIn connector and cable system.

Remote Control Panel

This kit includes a remote control panel, which makes it possible to control the inverter from the driver’s compartment. The panel also makes installation of the inverter more flexible since it can be mounted in locations where it’s not easily accessible.

Power save mode

All models have a built-in “Power Save Mode,” which keeps the power consumption from the battery at a minimum when the inverter is in use without a load.

Consider installing a battery charger

Using an inverter requires a significant amount of power from your battery. In addition to having two batteries, we recommend that you install an onboard battery charger to maintain battery performance and life expectancy. Without frequent charging, your batteries will quickly drain and degrade. When this happens, you may no longer be able to start your vehicle or use your inverter.

Our onboard battery charger solutions are easily connected to and integrated with our inverters through the PlugIn system.