Battery separator EMT 2198

Voltage controlled seperator

The separator can be configured to work with either 12V or 24V and has variable voltage thresholds.

Item no: 707680


The battery separator connects battery types (start and consumption batteries) during charging and separates them during consumption. When the voltage in the consumption battery falls below the configured value, the battery separator will automatically disconnect the start battery. This prevents it from discharging during normal battery consumption.

It is also possible to install a manual override button if it is necessary to close the relay regardless of the voltage.

Technical description

Standby relay current
Continuous relay current
Input voltage
Relay connection
Relay disconnection
6,5V-33V DC
10,2V-14,85V , 19,5V-30,15V
18,35V-29V , 9,7V-14,35V