SmartCharge wins another test!

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The SmartCharge family can add the title of "Best smart charger for boats" to its growing of honors. Our line of portable chargers have previously been deemed the best alternative for car batteries and won awards for design and user-friendliness.

An increasing number of electronic systems is putting a growing strain on batteries in all types of vehicles. Contrary to popular belief, regular use is usually no longer enough to maintain an adequate charging level. Therefore, the periodic use of a maintenance charger is necessary to ensure a safe start and well-functioning battery over time.

Boat batteries may often face even more challenging conditions than their land-based counterparts. They may remain unused for long periods and must frequently power a wide selection of power-hungry systems and accessories. Boat batteries may also be hard to access, making permanent cable mounts and plug & play solutions even more significant benefits.

To reliably serve its purpose, charger used in boats must have an adequate IP class, charge the battery correctly and safely and be easy to operate and store.

The Best Boat Battery Charger

Test winning battery charger

These requirements formed the basis for a test of marine chargers recently published in the Norwegian boating magazine “Båtmagasinet.”

The analysis compared the functioning and usability of the seven leading 7-8A chargers available in the market. The test itself was performed on one regular lead-acid battery in both room temperature and freezing conditions, as well as on one AGM battery in room temperature.

SmartCharge 8A was judged the overall winner, getting top marks in the categories of Controlled Charging and User Friendliness. In its conclusion, the jury noted that SmartCharge had an ideal charging curve and a high quality. Voltage values and current ratings were well regulated – there were no peak pulses or worrying overvoltage values. Additionally, no other charger was able to charge the AGM battery equally well. The jury also remarked that the minimalistic and intuitive interface and cable storage solution made it the most user-friendly charger in the test.

More wins and awards!

This test is not the first time our SmartCharge family has placed first in a test. Our chargers have already taken the title as the best alternative for charging car batteries by the Finnish car magazine “Moottori.”

SmartCharge has also won the “Design Excellence” and “Design for All”  awards, handed out by DOGA – Design and Architecture Norway. The jury was particularly impressed with an interface and fully automatic charging cycle that makes home charging accessible for groups usually uncomfortable with home charging.

Our test-winning battery charger is available at dealerships all over the Nordics. Get in touch if you want to know more about SmartCharge.