Second Authorization

Advanced theft protection

Second Authorization is an optional accessory for DVS90 that protects your car from advanced methods of theft.

Item no: 600676


Car thieves are getting smarter, but so are we!

How secure do you think the original lock, keyless system and immobilizer in your car is? Today’s thieves have replaced crowbars and picklocks with advanced software and equipment. With their new tools, they can hack your car’s electronic systems or hijack the signal from your keyless system. Fortunately, we can still protect your vehicle.

Second Authorization is an additional and separate remote for the DVS90 system that makes it impossible to disengage the alarm and immobilizer by getting around the car’s original security systems. The unit employs a rolling “anti-grabbing” code that is impossible to steal or copy, and that is required to disengage the alarm system. With Second Authorization in your pocket, you can be sure that no one can drive away with your car or strip it of components.

Technical description

How to use Second Authorization

1. The alarm is activated by locking the car with its original key or keyless system.

2. The alarm and immobilizer will remain active when the vehicle is unlocked with the original key or keyless system. This is to protect it against advanced methods of theft.

3. Use the Second Authorization remote to disarm the alarm and immobilizer. This ensures that only you will be able to start your car.

4. If not disarmed with Second Authorization, the alarm will trigger 5 seconds after any door has been opened.

5. You will be alerted that you must remember to disarm the alarm once a door is opened. The alert is five short sounds – 1 second apart.

6. You may, of course, disarm the alarm and immobilizer with Second Authorization before unlocking your car with its original key or keyless system.

Low battery warning

When the battery level in the remote falls below a certain level, the light in the remote will flicker for one second whenever the button is pressed. The battery must then be replaced. (Battery type: CR1632).