DEFA Group - Sustainability, Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

“We depend on customer satisfaction”

DEFA is a Norwegian-owned group of companies with long traditions. We have been a part of industry for a long time, in good times and bad. The most important thing we have learned is to listen to our customers. To us, customers are at every link in the distribution chain, right through to the end user.

Quality Responsiblity and Continuous Improvement

We will demonstrate the Quality responsibility by being certified according to ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001 and ISO45001.

In addition;

  • we adhere to and comply with the requirements outlined in the Measuring and Instrument Directive (MID) 2014/32/EU and the German Measuring and Verification Ordinance (Mess- und Eichverordnung / MessEV
  • we endorse UN Global Compact and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
  • we observe the ISO 26000 principles and core areas and ILO conventions

We will:

  • Strive to achieve
    • Zero harm to people
    • Zero harm to the environment
    • Our quality goal of zero defects
  • Establish, develop, and review measurable objectives and targets that promote continuous improvement of our sustainability, quality, health & safety, and environmental performance.
  • Engage with stakeholders, including employees, customers, partners, and investors, to gather feedback and promote dialogue on sustainability matters.
  • Assure standard operation routines.

Environmental Responsibility

  • Prevent pollution and minimize any adverse effects our operations may have on the environment.
  • Continuously strive to reduce our ecological footprint through;
    • efficient use of resources
    • energy conservation
    • waste reduction in all aspects of our operations
    • whenever possible, re-use and re-cycle material
  • Prioritize the development and promotion of sustainable and eco-friendly products.
  • Utilizing environmentally responsible materials and manufacturing processes.
  • Commit to complying with all relevant environmental laws and regulations in the regions where we operate.

 Social Responsibility

  • Strive to eliminate work-related illness and injury resulting from our operations.
  • Promote a work culture that achieves our targets through safe behavior, environmental awareness, and awareness of customer/stakeholder focus.
  • Value the health, safety, and well-being of our employees and communities. We will provide a safe and inclusive work environment that fosters respect, diversity, and equal opportunities for all.
  • Encourage and support employee volunteerism and community involvement.
  • Be honest, consistent, and fair in our dealings with our customers and suppliers.
  • Ensure the consultation and participation of workers, and, where they exist, worker’s representatives.

 Supply Chain Responsibility

  • Work closely with our suppliers to ensure that they
    • uphold similar sustainability standards and principles
    • promote responsible sourcing and ethical business practices.
  • Assess and monitor our supply chain to identify and address potential
    • environmental and social risks and seek collaborative solutions.

 Design Responsibility

  • Strive to understand our customer needs, meet their requirements, and aim for total customer satisfaction.
  • Invest in research and development to create innovative products that promote
    • design for re-cyclable and re-usable products
    • design for a long lifetime cycle
    • energy efficiency
    • reduced emissions
    • a more sustainable future
  • Provide clear information and guidance to customers on the environmentally friendly use and disposal of our products.

Communication and Training

  • Ensure all personnel and contractors have the necessary information, training, and supervision to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure sustainability, quality, health & safety and environmental roles and responsibilities are documented and clearly communicated, understood, and accepted.
  • Ensure this Sustainability & QHSE policy is periodically reviewed so that it remains relevant and appropriate.
  • Ensure this Sustainability & QHSE policy is actively communicated and made available to all personnel and other interested parties (including the public).

Transparency and Reporting

We will maintain transparency in our Sustainability & QHSE practices and reporting, sharing our achievements, challenges, and progress with stakeholders.

Bård Klungseth, CEO DEFA Group