EV charging in housing cooperatives

Market-leading solutions

All housing cooperatives have their own requirements. As the leading provider of charging solutions in the Nordics, we have the experience, expertise and products needed to create the ideal solution for your needs.

What you should consider:

What you get with eRange from DEFA

Charging stations with cables connected

Finding a solution with the right balance between needs, costs, fairness, and opportunities for future upgrades is not always easy. We have the expertise, products and services needed to help you find it.

What are the possibilities and limitations?

modern fuse box

Most housing cooperatives have electrical installations with limited capacity left over for charging. We offer solutions for full dynamic load balancing that ensures efficient charging by optimizing the use of the available power.

Will costs and power be distributed fairly?

A double charging station with two cars connected

Fairness is crucial. Our solution for dynamic load balancing works both offline and online and distributes the available power evenly to all connected cars. Prioritized charging for selected spots is also possible.

How little administration do you want?

Screenshot of the Usage Statistics in the CloudCharge Admin Portal

A charging facility shouldn’t have to mean an added workload for those on the board. Our flexible administration system CloudCharge provides a simple way to monitor consumption, control access, and more.

How do you provide a solution anyone can use?

EV car owner opening trunk. Charging station connected to car.

A good charging facility should be easy to use. Our test-winning charging stations and simple access control and payment solutions allow residents to manage everything on their own, limiting administration for the board.

How can you ensure optimal reliability?

A charging cable plugged in to a car

Seemingly simple solutions often become complicated when things no longer work. We are a total solutions provider, meaning that our products and systems are all made for each other, and have uptimes of nearly 100%.

We are a total solutions provider

Stations and cables

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We offer charging stations and charging cables from Europe’s foremost producers. Our products all satisfy the latest quality and security standards, have a proven track record and are well suited for the Nordic climate.

Smart power distribution

Load balancing icon - scales

We offer smart solutions for full dynamic load balancing and flexible solutions that you can expand and upgrade when needs change. Our in-house experts develop our CLU system, and we produce the units in our own factory.

Simple administration

Adminstration system icon - screen with graphs

Our market-leading backend administration system CloudCharge can be customized for your particular needs. You can also connect to our CloudCharge charging network and users can use the CloudCharge app for access, payment and much more.

Our charging stations

eRange® Uno

eRange® Uno

eRange® Uno is the best selling model in the Nordics and has won comprehensive tests in both Germany and Austria. All stations integrate into new and existing facilities. Our charging stations can all be delivered with MID approved energy meters that ensure accurate measurements of your power consumption.

eRange® Duo

eRange® Duo

eRange Duo has the same technology as eRange Uno, but has two Type 2 outlets for Mode 3 cables. It can be used with all cars, provided the users have Mode 3 cables. Our charging stations can all be delivered with MID approved energy meters that ensure accurate measurements of your power consumption.

Smart power distribution

Get the most out of your power

CLU unit

Full dynamic and dynamic load balancing ensure that you can use the available power in the building in the best possible way. Our solutions monitor your consumption in real-time and can distribute any available capacity to the charging stations. This provides faster charging for everyone while enabling you to use the power where you need it. All connected cars have equal access to the available power.

Efficient charging that always works

Schematic - facility with load balancing

Charging solutions that are dependent on cloud-based control systems and wireless connections are often vulnerable to delays and downtime. To provide the best possible reliability, we have developed unique control systems that use Edge Computing to control all charging functionality locally. This ensures that your facility always works, even when your internet connection or wireless signal drops out.

Fossum Terrasse:

Fossum Terrasse is one of Norway’s largest housing cooperatives with more than 400 housing units. Even though the electrical installation is not intended for EV charging, our dynamic load balancing solution makes sure all of the 100 EV owners can charge fairly and efficiently, without waiting in line.

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