DEFA Power

The smartest way to control your power, allowing you to charge at the lowest cost with the maximum output. Packed with sophistication, it is intuitive and easy to use, giving you the smoothest charging experience available

More Power to You

Charge at the lowest cost with maximum output

PowerSmart gives you total control over your charge

Intuitive display with step by step charging experience 

Convenient daily use with the integrated premium cable 

Future ready with OCPP 2.0.1 – say goodbye to OCPP 1.6

DEFA Power - åpnet slik at innmaten er synlig

Maximum power

Where other chargers go warm and lose their output, DEFA Power delivers what it promises, even up to 22kW.

Maximum power

As the world’s first consistent and true 22kW charging station, DEFA Power gives you the fastest charging possible.

Where other charging stations suffer from derating and the loss of kW on warm days or when they are heating, DEFA Power is designed to remove heat while charging and is tested in extreme conditions to ensure that it delivers the power it promises.

Technology changes fast. Maybe you have limited power in your house, or a car that takes no more than 11kW? DEFA Power is equipped for three-phase charging up to 22kW output, – for whenever you are ready.

Screenshot from the app, showing the DEFA Power charging schedule


Charge when the prices are low, and get total control over your charging, directly from your phone.


PowerSmart is a user-friendly solution in the DEFA Power app that allows you to charge your car at the lowest possible cost.

By connecting to Nord Pool’s daily power market prices directly, you get a more reliable overview of the coming spot prices and allows you to decide how much you want to save. PowerSmart even calculates the optimal charging schedule for you – saving you time and money. The app is independent of any energy or electricity companies and can be used by any car. The only thing you need is an hourly rate agreement with your supplier.

Taking total control over your charging has never been this easy.

Read more about the DEFA Power App here.

Download the DEFA Power app from the App Store or Google Play

Elbil lades av DEFA Power

User interface

Charging has never really been user-friendly. Until now.

User interface

Is the car plugged in? What is that light blinking? Is the car charging? Have I plugged the charging cable correctly? Charging cars have never been a truly user-friendly experience, and this lack of intuitiveness is a prominent industry-problem. To solve this, DEFA Power comes with an integrated display to make a smoother charging experience giving you step-by-step information about the charging process. With the integrated charging cable, you avoid the hassle of pulling the charging cable out from the car and putting it back after charging. Sometimes several times a day. With DEFA Power you simply connect the cable to the car and start charging.

From installation to everyday use, the display helps everyone get a better experience with charging their EV.

Illustrasjon av hus med dynamisk lastbalansering og DEFA Power

Full dynamic load balancing

Smarter and faster. DEFA Power monitors your home’s power consumption, and delegates free capacity to the charging.

Full Dynamic Load Balancing

If you choose to have a DEFA Balancer with your DEFA Power, the power consumption in your home is measured in real-time and the available capacity is delegated to charging the car. This is called full dynamic load balancing. To achieve this, DEFA Balancer communicates directly with the fuse box and actively measures the phases’ power output and allocates the power more efficiently. 

When your use less power in your house, for instance during night, there is more power available to charge your car.

This gives more flexibility and makes charging even faster. Without increasing your power output.

Illustration of how DEFA Power communicates with the cloud

Future ready

Whatever the future holds, DEFA Power is ready, with the latest protocol for data exchange between the charger and backend systems. It’s called OCPP 2.0.1.

Future ready

DEFA Power is open to all possibilities. The latest Open Charge Point Protocol, OCPP 2.0.1 replaces OCPP 1.6 and offers a seamless integration between the charging station and the backend system, which are completely independent of each other. It also enables smart charging  and price optimization, advanced monitoring and diagnostics – as well as a completely new level of information security.

With OCPP 2.0.1, DEFA Power is ready for both Plug & Charge – automated access control between the car and the charging station – and Vehicle-to-grid – where power can be sent back from the car’s battery into the electrical grid.

DEFA Power is ready for what the future holds.

Innmat/bakdeksel av DEFA Power


Super easy installation, for certified electricians. 


Our modus operandi is that even the most advanced solutions should be simple to use. This also applies to DEFA Power, and we do not only want to make everyday life smooth for the our customers, but also for the installer.

DEFA Power is easy to install. The installer starts by fitting the wall bracket to the location, ready for the next steps. The built-in spirit level, with the flexible cable entries and easy connections, – all marked clearly – makes the installation intuitive. The installer clicks the charging unit to the wall brackets and locks it. The configuration app – PowerSetup – provides an easy process all the way to handling over DEFA Power to the end user.

Download the DEFA Power Setup app from App Store or Google Play

Watch the installation video

Demonstrasjon av sliteevnen til ladekabelen som er integrert i DEFA Power

Made for extreme conditions

Durable, safe and almost unbreakable. DEFA Power is made for extreme conditions.


DEFA is a Norwegian company that for 75 years has developed products adapted to the Nordic climate and extreme conditions – while always putting quality and safety first.

DEFA Power is no exception and is pushed beyond industry standards. It is robust, safe and durable. After extensive testing in extreme conditions and third-party certification, we are proud to deliver a home charger that is equipped for all types of weather and usage. With IP55*/IK10 classification, meaning it is dust- moist- and vandal-proof.

It is a charging station made to last.

*Wall bracket IP44

DEFA Power™ – smart 22kW charger / charging station with display and app control

Test winner for all homes

Charge at lowest cost with the maximum output. Included 6m fixed Type 2-charging cable. Max 22kW, 32A

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