DEFA Power™ – charging station 22kW w/ 6 meter cable and display

More power to you

Smart EV Charging Station with integrated charging cable. Max 22kW, 32A

Item no: 715000
For consumers:


The smartest way to control your power, allowing you to charge at the lowest cost with the maximum output. DEFA Power has an intuitive display and 6 meter integrated charging cable that simplifies your daily use and gives you full control of your charging. DEFA Power optimizes available power, and with PowerSmart you can avoid peak periods and charging when power is most expensive.
DEFA Power ― more power to you!

Made for maximum power

True 22kW charging.
DEFA Power is designed through advanced simulations ensuring fastest possible charging.

PowerSmart™ with the Power App

The power to set your charge when the prices are low, based on daily prices from Nord Pool. You can also avoid extra tariffs on peak periods. Can be used with any energy company and all cars. Read more about the DEFA Power app here.

Download the DEFA Power app from the App Store or Google Play


Intuitive high quality display with step by step charging experience.

Future ready

Connectivity: WiFi, 4/5G*, LAN
Configuration: Bluetooth
Open standard: OCPP 2.0.1 and ISO15118
*Mobile network subscription needed

Easy access

Effective access steering.
– Access control via QR-code
– RFID / NFC, and SMS

Integrated charging cable

Robust 6 meter charging cable made for extreme condition provides flexibility for daily use. Includes a smart vehicle plug cap to protect the connector.

One device fits all

Can handle all power and phase needs in all European markets.

DEFA Power Setup app – configuration tool for installers only  

Download from App Store or Google Play


For support, click here

Technical description


Item number: 715000
EAN: 7042287150002
Dimension (mm): L: 350 x W: 167 x D: 113
Weight unit: 2,5 kg
Weight cable: 3,5 kg
Operating temperature: -40°C to +50°C
Storage temperature: -50°C to +85°C
Material charging unit: Plastic


Charging power: Up to 22kW
Charging current: 6―32A (adjustable)
Voltage: 230/400 V (1/3-phase, 50-60Hz)
Charging mode: Mode3
Connection to vehicle: Type 2
Charging cable: Included, 6 m


Integrated display
Size: 69 mm x 69 mm
Brightness: Automatically adjusted
Power setup: App to set DEFA Power

Safety & protection:

RDC-DD: 6mA DC in acc. IEC 62955
IP: 55 (Wall bracket IP44)
IK: 10
Fire classification: UL94 V0
Isolation class: I
Overvoltage category: III
Overheat protection: Internal sensor

Standard & certification:

IEC 61851-1
IEC 61439-7 ACSEV
IEC 62955


Grid: TN / IT / TT
Fuse size: 40A
RCD: RCCB Type A and MCB or RCBO
Maximum cable size: 16 mm²
Torque value: 2,5Nm
Stripping length: 20 mm +/-2


5 years




  • Charging station with 6 m charging cable
  • Wall bracket
  • Cable clip
  • Multi grommets (x 2)
  • Tools & screws/plugs (Opening tool, 4 x wooden screws and washers, 4 x wall plugs)