DEFA Power Voted Best Charging Station of the Year – Time and Again

DEFA Power Best i test

Since the charging station DEFA Power was released to the market in May this year, it has been praised by both industry press and electric vehicle enthusiasts. For instance, Swedish and have named DEFA Power the ‘Charging Station of the Year,’ both and have named it ‘The best charging station with fixed cable’, and the website has given it the highest rating.

Never before has M3 given a charging station a higher rating than this, describing DEFA Power as “really nice looking and easy to use”.
Regarding the DEFA Power app and the PowerSmart function, M3 writes, “When electricity prices soar, you want to be able to control exactly when your electric car should charge and when it shouldn’t, especially if you have hourly pricing in your contract. When you activate EcoMode, a menu opens up that allows you to manage this. Using the app, you can of course also choose to manually limit the power or lock the charging station, allowing for the app or an RFID key to initiate charging.

Laddboxarna writes about “two impressive modern features” and clarifies: “Firstly, there’s a function in the app that shows you the cost of charging based on electricity prices on Nordpool. But it can also generate an optimized charging schedule for those with hourly rates, allowing you to save money. The second feature is that the charger has the technology for electricity to flow both to the battery and from the battery back to the power grid in the future.”

Highlights: easy installation and fixed cable

M3 has tested DEFA Power.
The award-winning DEFA Power boasts an intuitive display and a fixed charging cable.

M3 also highlights the smooth installation process, and the journalist mentions the integrated charging cable:
“I think a fixed cable is a big plus, and with this charging station, you get six meters of quality cable included. It would cost you good money if you were to buy it separately.”

Testvinnarna states that a fixed charging cable “eliminates the hassle in handling a separate cable and connecting it every time you want to charge your car. An integrated charging cable is expected to reduce the need for maintenance that may occur with loose cables, such as wear and tear, corrosion, or poor connections.”

Display to make life easier for EV owners

“About the display, Testvinnarna writes: “By providing easy access to crucial information, the display offers users a unique charging experience. It makes it easier for electric car owners to monitor charging speed, battery level, and charge power in real-time, enabling customized charging as needed. Perfect for anyone considering buying a home charger for the first time.”

Bä also highlights the display in their review: “Although we like using DEFA’s app, it’s nice to avoid having to fish out the mobile from the pocket to monitor the charging. The charging station has a display that shows the current charging power, charging time, and spot prices. This is something far from all charging stations have, but something we appreciate.” writes: “With DEFA Power, you no longer need to worry about falling behind in the development of EV charging. The charging station is already fully integrated with the car’s system and supports communication through OCPP 2.0.1 and also ISO 15188.”

High quality and great value for money

Elfons, one of Sweden’s largest guides for electricity contracts, writes: ‘Considering the long warranty, high efficiency, and overall quality, it’s a very cost-effective charging station that suits the vast majority.

DEFA Power has won several ‘Best in Test’ awards and has been praised by various electric vehicle experts

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