eConnect™ EV charging cables

Designed for extreme conditions

An eConnect™ EV charging cable provides premium performance, durability and user-friendliness. Our cables are the result of 60 years of experience with connecting vehicles to the grid, and they can be used with all vehicles with a Type 2-inlet.

Unique benefits

eConnect Black connecting to car

Designed for extreme conditions

We have used our extensive experience to ensure that our cables provide the best possible user experience in all conditions. While other cables become stiff in winter, eConnect cables remain soft and flexible even in severe cold. Our cap and terminals are designed to withstand moisture and heat.

Person connecting red eConnect charging cable to car


An eConnect EV charging cable is made with the user in mind. Since the user might be almost anyone, we have created a lightweight cable, universal ergonomic grips and connectors with different angles suited vehicle and charge point side connection. Our smart cap can be retracted during charging and a range of smart accessories make it easier to safely store and transport the cable when it’s not in use.

Man connecting red eConnect charging cable to car in the city


Every component in eConnect cables are made from sturdy and durable materials that can withstand everyday use. Our connectors can withstand accidentally being run over and our robust cables and terminals are resistant to wear and damage from moisture, sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Retractable cap on charging plug with text - avoids water collection and contact with the car.

Smart cap

The vehicle-side connector cap is fastened with an adjustable strap that lets you pull it away from the car during charging. The strap is fastened on the back of the cap so that it is left hanging upside down and doesn’t collect water and dirt. This simple solution prevents scratches on your car and water and snow from collecting in the cap and then getting on to the terminals.

Woman holding black eConnect charging cable connected to electric vehicle

Environmentally friendly

eConnect charging cables are designed to be recyclable. In addition to only using recyclable materials, this is achieved by not using so-called potting in our connectors. Potting is a technique for water- and impact-proofing that involves filling electronic products with a plastic, rubber or resin compound. This creates additional waste and makes it hard to separate out components and materials for reuse and recycling later.


EV cable during bend test in cold chamber with text: Remains flexible in cold conditions.

Cold chamber testing

We have performed extensive tests in our cold chamber facility in Norway and benchmarked performance in low temperatures against all competing brands on the market. eConnect cables are tuned for optimal performance in temperatures as low as -30º and are 40% more flexible than other cables.

eConnect EV charging cable plug with smart cap on

Materials testing

We have tested all materials and components extensively to ensure durability and compliance with the strictest electrical and automotive standards.

Plug-cycle testing

eConnect plugs have been tested to 30.000 cycles without experiencing wear. This corresponds to 7 years of extensive use.

Run-over testing

We have performed run-over tests with 500kg and 1100kg weights. The tests were performed in a wide variety of positions and angles. The robust materials and internal rib structure ensured that the plugs passed the tests without damage.

Field testing

We have performed exhaustive blinded and non-blinded user testing of plug design, grip, handling with and without gloves, connection and disconnection and coiling. These tests have allowed us to optimize every aspect of eConnect for use in Nordic conditions.

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