eConnect Type 2 EV charging cable

Mode 3

Premium EV charging cable designed for unmatched user-friendliness and durability in all conditions. *13.8kW/22kW requires a 400V grid and a compatible charger


Art. nr: 711304


An eConnect EV cable provides premium performance, durability and user-friendliness in all weather and temperature conditions. Our unique Type 2 cable is light-weight, remains flexible even in severe cold and withstands exposure to moisture and heat. An eConnect Mode 3 cable can be used to charge all EVs and PHEVs with a Type 2 inlet.

Made for Nordic conditions

eConnect cables remain soft and flexible, even in severe cold. This makes them much easier to handle, coil and store when temperatures are low.


eConnect cable plugs grip angle

eConnect cables are light-weight and have plugs with universal ergonomic design. The grips on the charger and vehicle side connectors have different angles designed for the different heights of the charge point side outlet and vehicle side inlet.


Our robust cables and terminals are made for long term use and can withstand heat and moisture from the air.

Type 2 cable smart cap:

The retractable cap protects the Type 2 connector from water and dirt. The strap is connected to the top of the cap so that it hangs upside down during charging. This prevents it from collecting water and dirt,  and from bumping into the car and scratching the paint.

Environmentally friendly:

Our cables and plugs are recyclable. Most other cables have plugs that are filled with resin to protect them from water and shocks. This resin makes it very difficult to separate components and materials for reuse. Our connector plugs are resin-free and components can be separated and reused with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Type 2 cable smart accessories

eConnect accessories make it easier to use, transport and store your EV cable.

Included with your Mode 3 cable, you’ll find a practical velcro storage strap that you can use to hang your coiled cable on a nearby wall.

Our unique lockable EV cable docking station* protects your cable from being stolen when it is not in use, and shields the Type 2 connector from dirt and water. Our premium Mode 3 cable bag* is developed exclusively for the eConnect EV charging cable and makes your eConnect easy to bring and easy to store. If you want a simpler option, you can also choose our Basic Bag to keep your cable tidy and dry.

*Accessories can be purchased separately.

Technical description

DEFA AS is certified to the requirements of both IATF 16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007

Certifications and ratings:

  • IEC 62196-1
  • IEC 62196-2
  • IP67

Operating temperature: -40°C to +55°C

Recycling: Electronic waste

*13.8kW and 22kW requires a 400V grid and a compatible charging station.

Current Power Voltage Variant Length Weight
20A 4,6kW 250V Phase 1 5,0m 1,4kg
20A 4,6kW 250V Phase 1 7,5m 1,8kg
32A 7,4kW 250V Phase 1 5,0m 1,9kg
32A 7,4kW 250V Phase 1 7,5m 2,4kg
20A 13,8kW* 480V Phase 3 5,0m 2,1kg
20A 13,8kW* 480V Phase 3 7,5m 2,7kg
32A 22kW* 480V Phase 3 5,0m 3,1kg
32A 22kW* 480V Phase 3 7,5m 4,0kg