eMove® Mode 2

Made with the user in mind

eMove portable charger is made to give you a smarter, simpler and faster charge, no matter where you are. eMove is a result of 60 years of experience with connecting vehicles to the grid, and can be used with all vehicles with a Type-2 inlet.

Introducing eMove®

Unique benefits:

Made with the user in mind

eMove is a portable charger that has been made with the user in mind. Unique features, unmatched user-friendliness and extreme durability for safe charging on the move.

User-friendly interface

Our one-button solution and intuitive display ensure that eMove has the most user-friendly interface on the market.

With the Mode button you can get faster charging, or manually reduce current to protect main fuse when necessary.

eMove Type2 Mode2 charging cable - connected to car in winter

Made for demanding conditions

The charging cables on eMove are up to 40% more flexible in cold conditions than competing cables, and eMove has a retractable smart cap that prevents water and dirt from collecting in the cap while you charge.

Easy to store and transport

eMove is compact and lightweight. Clips and cable guides ensure that the cable is easy to keep tidy in your car or garage.

The charger can be easily mounted on a wall, with the bracket included or a regular hook.

Robust and safe

eMove has an aluminum casing and can withstand drops and extreme force. Temperature monitoring in the connector and control box ensures a safe charge at all times.

eMove variants for your market

eMove is available with different power ratings and domestic plugs. Please check what is correct for your country.


Materials testing

We have tested all materials and components extensively to ensure durability and compliance with the strictest electrical and automotive standards.

EV cable during bend test in cold chamber with text: Remains flexible in cold conditions.

Cold chamber testing

We have performed extensive tests in our cold chamber facility in Norway and benchmarked performance in low temperatures against all competing brands on the market. eMove cables are tuned for optimal performance in temperatures as low as -30º, and are 40% more flexible than other cables.

Plug-cycle testing

eMove plugs have been tested to 10.000 cycles without experiencing wear. This corresponds to 7 years of extensive use.

Run-over testing

We have performed run-over tests with 500kg and 1100kg weights. The tests were performed in a wide variety of positions and angles. The robust materials and internal rib structure ensured that the plugs passed the tests without damage.

Field testing

We have performed exhaustive blinded and non-blinded user testing of plug design, grip, handling with and without gloves, connection and disconnection and coiling. These tests have allowed us to optimize every aspect of eMove for use in Nordic conditions.