eMove® portable charger

Mode 2 charger with high mode

eMove® is a premium portable charger made with the user in mind. High mode allows for faster charging when needed. Mode 2 Type 2.

Item no: 502001


eMove Mode 2 is a portable charger for electric vehicles that has been made with the user in mind. Unique features, unmatched user-friendliness and extreme durability for safe charging on the move.

Made for Nordic conditions

eMove cables remain soft and flexible, even in severe cold. This makes them much easier to handle, coil and store when temperatures are as low as -40°C.


eMove Charging Cable Guide

Our one-button solution and intuitive display ensure that eMove is easy to use.

High mode – Push Mode button for faster charging for the first 120 minutes (not applicable for 16A version)

Power adjustment – Manually reduce current to protect main fuse when necessary

Robust and safe

eMove has an aluminum casing and can withstand drops and extreme force. Temperature monitoring in the connector and control box ensures a safe charge at all times.

Type 2 smart cap

The retractable cap protects the Type 2 connector from water and dirt. The strap is connected to the top of the cap so that it hangs upside down during charging. This prevents it from collecting water and dirt, and from bumping into the car and scratching the paint.

Easy to mount, keep tidy and transport

Cable clips and guides keep the cable tidy and convenient to bring with you. The included wall bracket makes it easy to mount eMove to a wall, or you can hang it from virtually any hook.

Environmentally friendly

Our cables and plugs are recyclable. Most other cables have plugs that are filled with resin to protect them from water and shocks. This resin makes it very difficult to separate components and materials for reuse. Our connector plugs are resin-free and components can be separated and reused with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Smart accessories

eMove accessories make it easier to use, transport and store your portable charger.

Our unique lockable EV cable docking station* protects your cable from being stolen when it is not in use, and shields the Type 2 connector from dirt and water. Our premium cable bag* makes your eMove charging cable easy to bring along, and easy to store. If you want a simpler option, you can also choose our Basic Bag to keep your cable tidy and dry.

*Accessories can be purchased separately.



Technical description

Physical properties:

  • ICCB (control box): 310*85*55mm
  • Total length: 6m
  • Weight: 2,1kg
  • Recycle as EE-waste
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +50°C
  • Storage temperature: -50°C to + 85°C
  • ICCB (control box) materials: Aluminum with double protected plastic end caps

Certifications and ratings:

DEFA AS is certified to the requirements of both IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001

  • IEC 61851, 62752 & 62196
  • IP67 (control box and Type 2 vehicle plug)

IP rating for mains plug varies by model, see product sheet for details.

Check national regulations and your fuse size for which product to be used in your country.

eMove works seamlessly across TN & IT grids.

*For Denmark, CEE 7/7 and Danish plug options are available.

Country Contact/plug Current High mode Pre-set low rating
Austria, Germany and Netherlands CEE 7/7 16A N/A 10A
Norway, Sweden and most of Europe CEE 7/7 10A 15A 8A
Sweden CEE 7/7 13A 15A 8A
France, Finland, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania CEE 7/7 8A 12A 6A
UK & Ireland UK Plug (BS1363 & S.I. 1768 Type G) 10A 13A 8A
Switzerland Swiss Plug (SN441011 - Type 13) 8A 10A 6A
Denmark* Danish Plug (DS 60884-2-D1 DK2-1a, Type K) 6A 9A 6A
Denmark* CEE 7/7 6A 9A 6A