Home EV charging

Complete solutions for any need

We are the leading provider of home EV charging solutions in the Nordics. Choose the solution that suits your needs, whether that is basic functionality and unmatched reliability at a lower price or the fastest possible charging, and full control via our dedicated app.

What you get:

DEFA Power - More Power to You

The smartest way to control your power, allowing you to charge at the lowest cost with the maximum output. Packed with sophistication, it is intuitive and easy to use, giving you the smoothest charging experience available

Get the fastest possible charge with full dynamic load balancing

A home charger can exploit the full charging capacity of your car and allow you to charge several times faster than through a regular socket. Efficient charging is possible even if your electrical installation has limited available capacity. Our solution for full dynamic load balancing allows you to optimize how the full load capacity in your home is used.

Full control over access and consumption

Our home chargers can all be delivered with energy meters that ensure accurate measurements of your consumption. By using RFID-keys, you make sure that no one uses your home charger when you’re not at home.

Charge when prices are low with PowerSmart

PowerSmart is a user-friendly solution in the DEFA Power app that allows you to charge your car at the lowest possible cost.

PowerSmart calculates the optimal charging schedule for you – saving you time and money. The app is independent of any energy or electricity companies and can be used by any car.

Read more about PowerSmart here

Our home chargers:

DEFA Power

The smartest way to control your power, allowing you to charge at the lowest cost with the maximum output. DEFA Power has an intuitive display and 6 meter integrated charging cable that simplifies your daily use and gives you full control of your charging.

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DEFA Solid

DEFA Solid has a robust design made for extreme conditions. The premium charging cable and intuitive interface with energy saving simplifies your daily use and lowers your energy costs. Can easily be connected utilizing available power infrastructure, such as a domestic socket.

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