What is full dynamic load balancing?

Schematic explaining full dynamic load balancing in private homes

Full dynamic load balancing allows you to charge as fast as possible, protects the main fuse and ensures that you can use your electricity wherever it's needed. This is how it works.

We provide full dynamic load balancing either as an integrated part of the eRange IQ charging station, or as a supplement to our other charging station in the form of the homeCLU unit.

eRange IQ charging station at an angle
Charge faster with eRange IQ

Once installed, the solutions measure the total electrical load in the home in real-time, and can delegate all unused capacity to charging. If you have more than one charging station, the available power can be distributed to all of them. That means you can charge at full capacity when your consumption is low, for example in the evenings, at night and early morning. What’s more, you can still use all your available power in the home when it’s needed there.

in other words, full dynamic load balancing is an ideal solution for anyone with a low electrical load capacity in the home, more than one electric car, or a desire for more efficient charging. Full dynamic load balancing not only makes it possible to charge faster, but ensures that you don’t have to worry about safety or overloading your circuit board

Worry-free charging

Depending on wireless and internet connections for core functionality is the weakest link in many charging solutions. Since the most important thing for you is that your car is charged and ready when you need it, we have developed a unique, localized control system that uses edge-computing to ensure charging and load-balancing always work smoothly, even when your wireless signal or internet connection drop out.

Ladestasjon på husvegg, med ladekabel tilkoblet og bil i forgrunnen
A charging station and full dynamic load balancing allow you to charge more efficiently, without having to invest in increased power supply for the home.

What is regular load balancing?

“Full” dynamic load balancing means that, in theory, all the capacity in your electrical system can be used for charging. How much power you can get for charging in practice is otherwise limited by the capacities of the charging station, the charging cable and the car. With regular dynamic load balancing, only the capacity made available in a dedicated circuit is available for distribution. The capacity that can be set off to a dedicated charging circuit is usually more limited and can no longer be used elsewhere in the home.

Illustrasjon av fulldynamisk lastbalansering
Full dynamic load balancing allows you to use your available power wherever you need it, for regular consumption during the day and for charging during the night.


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