EV charging for businesses

Smart solutions for employees, guests and customers

Forward-looking businesses understand the value of offering employees, customers, and guests an easy way to charge their electric cars. As the leading provider of complete EV charging solutions in the Nordics, we have the ideal solutions for your needs.

What you get:

A flexible solution

A charging facility should both meet your current needs and be ready for future upgrades. We have the expertise needed to help you find the right balance between functionality, costs, and future possibilities.

Reliability and ease

Reliability is perhaps the most critical quality of any charging facility. Our facilities have uptimes at close to 100%, and they built with products, systems and services developed for each other.

Dynamic load balancing

Dynamic load balancing promotes fairness by distributing the available power evenly to all connected cars. Our solution for dynamic load balancing optimizes the use of available power and works both online and offline.

Simple administration

A charging facility shouldn’t have to mean an increased workload. Our administration system CloudCharge can be customized for your needs and gives you full control over consumption, access and status.

Simple payment

Payment based on deductions and billing can take up a lot of time. By connecting your facility to our CloudCharge network and charging service you can avoid administration and provide users with simple access and payment via app.

Provider relationship

Installing a charging facility can lead to complicated relationships with several providers. We are a total solutions provider, offering everything you need for your facility and a single point of contact.

Future ready with DEFA charging solutions

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