EV charging for businesses

Smart solutions for employees, guests and customers

Forward-looking businesses understand the value of offering employees, customers, and guests an easy way to charge their electric cars. As the leading provider of complete EV charging solutions in the Nordics, we have the ideal solutions for your needs.

What you get:

A flexible solution

Tronerud Engineering - several double charging stations, two per pylon.

A charging facility should both meet your current needs and be ready for future upgrades. We have the expertise needed to help you find the right balance between functionality, costs, and future possibilities.

Reliability and ease

Charging stations with cables connected

Reliability is perhaps the most critical quality of any charging facility. Our facilities have uptimes at close to 100%, and they built with products, systems and services developed for each other.

Dynamic load balancing

Dynamic load balancing promotes fairness by distributing the available power evenly to all connected cars. Our solution for dynamic load balancing optimizes the use of available power and works both online and offline.

Simple administration

Screenshot of the Usage Statistics in the CloudCharge Admin Portal

A charging facility shouldn’t have to mean an increased workload. Our administration system CloudCharge can be customized for your needs and gives you full control over consumption, access and status.

Simple payment

Two screenshots from the CloudCharge App

Payment based on deductions and billing can take up a lot of time. By connecting your facility to our CloudCharge network and charging service you can avoid administration and provide users with simple access and payment via app.

Provider relationship

Installing a charging facility can lead to complicated relationships with several providers. We are a total solutions provider, offering everything you need for your facility and a single point of contact.

We are a total solutions provider

Project management


Load balancing



Our charging stations

eRange® Uno

eRange® Uno charging station

eRange® Uno is the best selling model in the Nordics and has won comprehensive tests in Germany and Austria. Our stations can all be integrated into new and existing facilities and be delivered with MID approved energy meters that ensure accurate measurements of consumption.

eRange® Duo

eRange® Duo charging station

eRange Duo is built with the same technology as eRange Uno, but has two Type 2 outlets for Mode 3 cables. Our stations can all be integrated into new and existing facilities and be delivered with MID approved energy meters that ensure accurate measurements of consumption.

Load balancing

Get the most out of your power

Adminstration system icon - screen with graphs

Full dynamic and dynamic load balancing ensure that you can use the available power in the building in the best possible way. Our solutions monitor your consumption in real-time and can distribute any available capacity to the charging stations. This provides faster charging for everyone while enabling you to use the power where you need it. All connected cars have equal access to the available power.

Efficient charging that always works

Load balancing icon - scales

Charging solutions that are dependent on cloud-based control systems and wireless connections are often vulnerable to delays and downtime. To provide the best possible reliability, we have developed unique control systems that use Edge Computing to control all charging functionality locally. This ensures that your facility always works, even when your internet connection or wireless signal drops out.

Charging facility - Bama:

Bama is Norway’s leading supplier of fruits and vegetables. As an increasing number of their employees were buying electric vehicles, Bama wanted to provide them with the opportunity to charge at work. To date, we have installed 64 charging points on 16 poles, each with two double stations. The facility also has dynamic load balancing and a full administration system.

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