Destination EV charging for businesses

Our solution has everything for workplaces, shopping centers, hotels, and parking garages

Workplaces, shopping centers, parking garages, and hotels are prime locations for destination charging. With DEFA Power you can offer a seamless charging experience while drivers attend to other activities. If you're an operator— explore how DEFA Power can extend visitors' on-site time, how employees experience the convenience of charging during their workday or how guests get the added value of overnight charging. Whether your facility is private or commercial, DEFA Power represents a smart choice for operators seeking to improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

What we can offer for businesses

DEFA Power is user friendly. Also for housing cooperatives and businesses.

Unbeatable user experience

DEFA Power is designed to elevate the charging experience and offers an unparalleled blend of convenience and clarity.

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Quality - in every detail. DEFA Power.

Longevity and the highest possible quality

What truly sets DEFA Power apart is its adherence to the highest quality standards, verified by rigorous third-party tests. The chargers are equipped with the latest technology, future-proofing them for years to come.

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DEFA Power - up to 22 kW.

Maximum kW for visitors on the go

DEFA Power sets itself apart in the EV charging market with its exceptional ability to deliver a consistent 22 kW output, even during the hottest summer days.

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Load balancing in your facility with DEFA Power.

Utilize the facility to its fullest

Intelligent phase allocation, rotation, and balancing dynamically adjust according to the limitations of the building’s power supply. This adaptability is particularly beneficial as the number of cars charging simultaneously increases, or as additional loads are drawn within the building.

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DEFA Power is easy to install in a HOA, housing cooperative or any business.

Easy installation — and easy to expand

For property owners, the benefits are clear: DEFA Power significantly reduces installation time and enhances the exploitation of existing infrastructure, improving the overall business case.

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DEFA Power and OCPP 2.0.1.

Freedom to choose

DEFA Power, embracing the latest OCPP 2.0.1 update, revolutionizes the EV charging experience by offering unparalleled freedom and flexibility to operators. Our commitment to open protocols ensures that our systems are not bound to any specific solution, company, or backend.

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DEFA Power is future-ready!

Future-proof – today!

DEFA Power is pioneering the future of EV charging with its integration of the ISO 15118 standard, an international benchmark for two-way communication between electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations.

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CloudCharge is a recommended solution for housing cooperatives and businesses.

DEFA Power with CloudCharge

DEFA Power offers access to CloudCharge, one of Europe’s leading Charge Station Management Systems. This powerful solution is ideal for operators, whether they are new entrants to the field or seasoned players seeking a state-of-the-art management platform.

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DEFA Power, connect with Wi-Fi, 4G or LAN.

Always stable charging with multiple connectivity options

DEFA Power’s is designed with versatility and reliability at its core, offering external connectivity options like LAN, WiFi, and 4G. This flexibility allows you to choose the most suitable connectivity option based on your facility’s location and existing setup.

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