EV charging at work

Market leading charging solutions for businesses

As car manufacturers are making the transition to electric vehicles, forward-looking businesses must be able to offer employees access the ability to charge. As the leading provider of charging solutions in the Nordics, we know how to help you find the best solution for your business.

Your solution should provide:

Flexibility & upgradability

A charting facility should not only meet your current needs, but also be prepared for future expansions and upgrades. We have the expertise needed to help you find the right balance between functionality, costs and future possibilities.

Reliability & usability

Reliability is a crucial quality of any charging facility. Our facilities have uptimes close to 100% and consist of our test-winning charging stations and leading-edge solutions for dynamic load balancing, administration and payment – all developed for each other.

Smart power distribution

Dynamic load balancing ensures fair access to charging by distributing the available power evenly to all connected cars. Our solution for dynamic load balancing works as well offline as online, ensuring that functionality is not disrupted by connection issues.

Simple administration

A charging facility shouldn’t have to mean an increased workload. Our administration system CloudCharge is customized for your needs and provides full control of consumption, access and status. You can also connect to the EVcloud payment portal.

Simple payment

The Lade I Norge website and mobile app

If you want to take a fee for charging, deductions and billing may take a lot of time. By creating a free account on the EVcloud portal, you can avoid any administration while providing users with a simple way to pay on their phone. You get 91% of the earnings.

Provider relaltionship

Installing a charging facility can sometimes mean complicated relationships to several providers, each providing separate services. We are a total solutions provider, offering expertise, projecting management, hardware, administration and payment services.

We are a total solutions provider

Project management


Load balancing


Payment solution

Our charging stations

eRange Uno

eRange Uno

Our charging station with a single outlet or fixed cable is the best selling model in the Nordics and was recently crowned the winner of comprehensive tests in both Germany and Austria. A compact design means it can fit in most garages. Models with a Type 2 outlet can be used by anyone who has their own Mode 3 cable. All stations can be integrated into new and existing facilities.

eRange Duo

eRange Duo

eRange Duo is built on the same technology as eRange Uno, but has two outlets and a different exterior. eRange Duo may enable you to reduce the number of stations you install, lowering both the initial investment and maintenance costs. It can be used with all cars, provided that users have their own Mode 3 cables. eRange Duo may be integrated into larger facilities.

Intelligent power distribution

Opimized power utilization

Adminstration system icon - screen with graphs

Dynamic load balancing ensures that the available power capacity utilized in the best possible way. Our solution for dynamic load balancing is called CLU and works just as well offline as online. Each CLU unit distributes power evenly to 16 charging stations. Our facilities can easily be expanded and upgraded as needed.

Fair & efficient charging

Load balancing icon - scales

In our facilities, each car charges at their maximum capacity as long as there is sufficient power. As more cars are connected, CLU distributes the available power evenly among them. This ensures that everyone can charge fairly. No cars are placed in a queue. This is important because some cars don’t wake up when the facility is ready.

Simplified administration

Consumption and status

Our administration system CloudCharge can be customized for your needs and provides a full overview of consumption and station status. Create flexible reports and get status alerts that can be forwarded to third parties.

Access control

As facility owners, you can easily control who has access to use each station. This can be done with RFID tags and through the EVcloud portal. Residents can provide family and friends with access to their own stations.

Payment solution

The Lade I Norge website and mobile app

Using our administration system also gives you the option of connecting to the charging and payment portal EVcloud, completely free of charge. Through EVcloud, each resident can handle their own payments on mobile or PC.

Charging facility - Bama:

Bama is Norway’s leading supplier of fruits and vegetables. As an increasing number of their employees were buying electric vehicles, Bama wanted to provide them with the opportunity to charge at work. To date, we have installed 64 charging points on 16 poles, each with two double stations. The facility also has dynamic power distribution and a full administration system.

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