Display and fixed cable – Here’s the charging station that takes your experience to the next level

User-friendliness is everything. But how do you step up the charging experience to another level? With an intuitive display and an integrated charging cable, according to both DEFA and the market.

What are those flashing LED lights on the charging station? How can I be sure that the car is actually charging? We know that there are many questions regarding EV charging, especially for those who have just purchased their first electric car.

But the new DEFA Power charging station puts an end to that; no more questions.

“AC charging has never been truly user-friendly until now,” says Martin Jonsson, Executive Vice President of eMobility at DEFA.




DEFA Power.
‘The display is a platform, and our partners decide how they want to use it through the Display and Messaging module in the OCPP2.0.1-protocol. For instance, by showing live electricity spot-prices or just cute puppy pictures. All for a simpler, more transparent, and better future.’

A display guiding the user

DEFA Power has a display that guides you step-by-step through the charging process.
“Our display communicates with the user in a very clear way. Once you’ve experienced a charging station with a display, you will never want to use one without it. It’s an emotional experience to actually have the visual information in front of you and not just see blinking lights. It brings to mind the paradigm shift between old mobile phones and smartphones. Today, it would feel completely unthinkable not to have a display on your phone,” says Martin Jonsson, adding:

“Every time I come home, I am greeted by a display that talks to me – and I can, for example, see real-time spot prices and at what speed the car is charging. The fact that the display provides me with all the information I need, enhances my charging experience and makes everyday life easier. Together with the DEFA Power app, the user gets an unbeatable overall experience.”

Another feature adding to the user-friendliness is the fixed charging cable.

On DEFA Power, we use our premium cable eConnect; DEFA’s bestseller, which has been exported to several of the world’s largest car manufacturers and has sold half a million units since its launch in January 2021.


3 reasons why DEFA has chosen an integrated cable

1. We know that a fixed cable is the most user-friendly option for our customers.

“Our mission is to maximize the customer value and user experience, and a fixed world-class charging cable is an important step in that direction. Anyone who has an electric car knows the hassle around a loose cable that needs to go in and out of the trunk,” says Martin Jonsson.

2. DEFA’s sales history and market research from the past five years show that users prefer a fixed charging cable with a charging station.

Martin Jonsson says:
“When I’m in Norway and park in a public garage, you can immediately see that the charging stations with integrated cables are the first ones to be used.”

3. A fixed cable is a more reliable and solid solution than a socket.

You avoid wear and tear on mechanical parts and get a reliable connection with a minimized risk of error.

Martin Jonsson concludes:

“Moreover, norms and global best practices are moving away from sockets and towards integrated charging cables. In North America and Asia, the fixed cable is custom, and the trend is growing in Europe.”

“Our aim has been for the user experience to be similar to the one you get at the gas station. Our display shows you how fast you’re charging and what level you’ve reached – and the cable is always to be found at the charging location.”