Solifokus Installer: “DEFA Power is the best charging station I’ve worked with”

Joakim Åkesson, Solifokus, installs DEFA Power.

In collaboration with our partner EFUEL, we conducted a test installation at the home of Tobias Rehnström, who is a co-owner of the solar energy company Solifokus. Joakim Åkesson, an Electrician at Solifokus, performed the installation and describes the configuration app as “magical.” He also states that the test-winning charging station DEFA Power is a dream for electricians.

What do you think about installing DEFA Power?
“DEFA Power is the best charging station I’ve worked with, and I’ve tested practically all brands of charging stations! Here, the developers have truly listened and understood what the installers need. If it’s always this easy, it’s a dream for us. DEFA has eliminated everything that is complicated and time-consuming.”

Under the right conditions, how long does it take to install DEFA Power?
“Maximum of five minutes.”

Electrician Joakim Åkesson and DEFA Power.
“I believe that the end-user sees DEFA Power as intuitive and stylish, and that the fixed cable is convenient. The display is elegant and feels exclusive!” says Joakim Åkesson.

What is the best part of the installation process?
“The installer app. And there is plenty of space to connect to the wall bracket. The spirit level is also such a spot on detail that makes the job super easy for us electricians. This is truly a charging station developed with the installer in mind.”

“It’s great that there is a separate load balancing unit. You don’t have to use different portals and logins to connect the charging station to DEFA Balancer. It’s incredible how smoothly you can install and configure a charger with a load balancer! I’m very impressed!”

Solifokus is not alone in praising DEFA Power. Here you can read about how other installers experience the installation, and here you can see what both the media, electric vehicle experts, and electricians think.