Smart design and easy installation: DEFA Power is an electrician´s dream

There are many advantages with DEFA Power. One of them is the smart design, making the installation process super simple.
“We give DEFA Power five out of five stars for installation and commissioning,” says Erik Banehag, Head of Operations at North Projects Solutions.

DEFA’s motto is that even the most advanced solutions should be easy to use. This also applies to DEFA Power – the next-generation charging station, created with both the installer and the end user in mind.

The DEFA Power charging station has been very well received by the electricians who have installed it.

Daniel Karlgren.
Daniel Karlgren, Notum.

Erik Banehag, Head of Operations at Transtema’s subsidiary North Projects Solutions, says: “We at North Projects, who are specialists in electric car charging, had the privilege to make one of the first test installations of DEFA Power. This box feels both robust and exclusive, while being in a good price range and extremely easy to install.  The transparent display is awesome, and a six-meter fixed cable is extremely useful. DEFA Power is a game changer. ”

Why DEFA Power is easy to install
The electrician starts by mounting a very easy-to-install backplate, which makes the remaining steps very smooth.  Flexible cable entry, visual clarity, a built-in spirit level and easy network connection are additional factors that make installation work very easy.

The smart construction with a retro in aluminum and several ventilation holes in the backplate allows for efficient dissipation of heat from the charger so that it doesn’t lose any effect.  The charging unit is then snapped on and locked. An associated configuration app provides an intuitive installation process right up to the handover of DEFA Power to the end user.

Fitter Daniel Karlgren at Notum, who specializes in the installation of charging stations, confirms that DEFA Power is designed with the electrician in mind:
“The whole process is easy to understand. You can’t fail. Everything is intuitive. I think the installation process for DEFA Power is great; It’s easy to attach the back plate and to use the installer app. When I set up DEFA Power for the second time, we timed it – and it only took a minute! The load balancer, DEFA Balancer, was also very easy to install with clear instructions.
“Both the physical installation and commissioning were ridiculously simple.”

Lucas Andersson.
Lucas Andersson, North Projects Solutions. Photo: North Projects Solutions/Transtema.

Electrician Lucas Andersson at North Projects Solutions, talks about his experience of installing DEFA Power:
“I have been working with charging stations ever since they came out on the market. In the beginning, they were big, clumsy and complicated. Then came new boxes that were easier to install, but they often lacked something. But DEFA has really thought about everything; backplate, front cover and the entire installation process. Once you have the cable in place, everything is very quick.”
The first time I installed DEFA Power, I didn’t really need to look at the manual, everything was easy to understand.  It’s a fool proof process, and I was pleasantly surprised.”

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