Installers about DEFA Power: “Best Charging Station on the Market”

Electricians all around the Nordics appreciate DEFA Power and take the time to tell us about it – something that we at DEFA truly value. Here, we have collected some reviews from installers in Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

“We prefer working with DEFA Power. It is the best charging station on the market, in our opinion. It can support extremely high temperatures without derating, even in direct sunlight. DEFA Power can be set to charge when electricity prices are at their lowest, and best of all, DEFA Power is really good value.”
Anders Svonni, Co-founder of kWatt (Sweden)

Quick and easy

“The installation was quick and easy. DEFA Power is definitely one of the best charging stations I’ve installed. DEFA’s solution with wireless load balancing is something the market has been waiting for.”
Jarkko Virolainen, installer at Sähkö Company Oy (Finland)

Installer, DEFA Power
Daniel Karlgren, Notum.

“The entire process is easy to understand. You can’t go wrong. Everything is intuitive. We think the installation of DEFA Power is excellent; the backplate attaches neatly, and using the installer app is very intuitive. When I configured DEFA Power for the second time, we timed it – and it only took a minute!”
Daniel Karlgren, installer at Notum (Sweden)
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“So far, we have installed about 20 Power units. The installation and configuration of DEFA Power and Balancer have been easy from the start. We have installed units in both Wi-Fi and LAN networks. In the LAN network, the units were installed in seconds and have been working perfectly ever since.”
Tapio Nirkkonen, installer at Propa (Finland)

Lucas Andersson.
Lucas Andersson, North Projects Solutions.

Thought of everything

“DEFA has really thought of everything; backplate, front, and the entire installation process. Once the cable is in place, everything goes very quickly. The first time I installed DEFA Power, I didn’t really need to consult any manual, everything was clear. It was impossible to make a mistake, and I was pleasantly surprised.”
Lucas Andersson, installer at North Projects Solutions (Sweden)

“This is probably the best charging station on the market.”
Mattias Sonesson, installer and owner of Elinstallatören in Rydebäck (Sweden)

Installer Erik Haugland, installs DEFA Power.
Erik Haugland, Elektro Partner.

Exclusive first impression

“From the moment I received the box with the charger, it gave a very exclusive first impression. This is one of the nicest chargers in terms of design. It was easy to unpack, and the backplate was removed with a screw. With the included screws and the built-in level, it was quick to mount on the wall, and it was easy to click on the front part when the wall bracket was connected and then lock it in place with a screw. The app for connecting and testing the charger was very user-friendly. Transferring the charger to the customer was smooth by entering the phone number in the app and clicking ‘send.'”
Erik Haugland, installer at Elektropartner (Norway)

Lea Erlandsen, Elektriker-Lea, with DEFA Power.
Lea Erlandsen.

“Easy peasy!”
“It was a great charger to install, with plenty of space and simple solutions. Plus, it looks incredibly stylish!”
Lea Erlandsen, installer, “Norway’s friendliest craftsman of 2023,” and Elektriker_Lea on Instagram (Norway)

“This charging station feels really sturdy yet exclusive, while being in a good price range and easy to install. The intuitive display is fantastic, and having a six-meter fixed cable is incredibly convenient. DEFA Power is a game-changer.”
Erik Banehag, Head of Operations at North Projects Solutions (Sweden)

Installer André Børnes, PSW Solar.
André Børnes, PSW Solar.

Easy to install charging station

“This was a very easy-to-install charging station. It was very simple to configure; everything appeared in the app. I didn’t have to deal with apps misbehaving!”
André Børnes, installer at PSW Solar (Norway)

Installation of DEFA Power: Joakim Åkesson, Solifokus.
Joakim Åkesson, Solifokus.

“DEFA Power is the best charging station I’ve worked with, and I’ve tested practically all brands on the market! The developers have really listened and understood what we installers want. The app is magical! Its Bluetooth communication is a huge advantage. Everything is so simple and smooth. And there’s plenty of space to connect to the backplate. The built-in level is such a brilliant detail that makes the job super easy for us electricians. It’s incredible how easily you can install and configure a charger with load balancing like this! I’m very impressed!”
Joakim Åkesson, installer at Solifokus (Sweden)