Cabin control starter kit

The StarterKit contains everything you need to get full control over heating and security in your cabin via your mobile phone.

Art. nr: 900111

E-number : 6404019


4590,00 kr

Availible in Norway


The StarterKit is a simple and quick way to increase comfort and improve security in your cabin. It is easy to install and covers all the basic needs for a cabin control system. Follow the instructions provided with the StarterKit and you will be set to go in no time.

The StarterKit consists of:

1x Base Unit DIY
2x Socket
2x Motion Sensor
1x Temperature Sensor
1x Magnet Sensor

With the StarterKit, the DEFA app, and a subscription – you’ll be able to monitor temperatures and control heating appliances connected to your system, and receive alerts in the event of a break-in.


  • Heat your cabin before you arrive, and enjoy your stay from the moment you step in the door.
  • Monitor temperatures and get alerts if they go below or above your defined limits.
  • Receive alerts in the event of below zero temperatures or power outages, so you can protect your pipes from freezing and causing water damage.
  • Lower your power consumption by setting conservation and comfort temperatures. Use only as much power as you need.
  • Make potential intruders think twice, by alerting them that you have security installed.
  • React swiftly if thieves do break in. By alerting the police and your insurance company and by replacing broken windows and doors quickly, you can avoid further damage.