Base Unit PRO

For professional installation

This control unit for installation by electricians allow you to easily gain full control over the heating and security in your cabin through your mobile phone.

Art. nr: 900300

E-number : 6404000


DEFA Base Unit PRO is the ideal solution for fuse box installation by professional installers, gaining you full control over the heating and security in your cabin via mobile phone.

What is the benefit of using DEFA Cabin Control?

All control possibilities are neatly organized in our DEFA app for your smartphone or through our web interface for desktop users. You can remote control, monitor and set all settings for remote controlling your cabin. Through our interface, you have full control.

How it works

It is simple to use the three integrated zones for any remote control purpose. You can expand with an additional 3 zones through Base Unit PRO Ext or expand with wireless wall sockets, temperature sensors and alarm sensors through the use of Radio Module PRO.

A backup battery is included as standard, enabling you to be alerted if a power outage occurs. Using our sensors, you will be informed of any break in or low temperatures so that you can take appropriate action.

Remote control functionality

  • Turn the electricity and heating in zones on and off
  • Switch between conservation and comfort temperatures
  • Change between switch, thermostat and regulator modes for each zone
  • Alter the temperature settings for each zone
  • Assign room names to different zones
  • Monitor temperature in the individual zones
  • Get current and future weather forecasts for your area
  • Set future pre-heating dates and times with the calendar
  • See received alerts and choose which alert categories you want to see
  • Designate who will receive alerts from the system

The zone relays can be used in three separate ways:

Relay used as a switch

Using the relay in switch mode is handy if you need to control an entire heating circuit with thermostat controlled ovens or if you want to turn on and off lighting. Switch mode can also be used to control floor heating thermostats that has an input for override/lowering.

Relay used as a thermostat

Using the relay as a thermostat is convenient for controlling the heat in rooms with heating cables or panel heaters. Thermostat mode allows you to switch between conservation and comfort temperatures for each zone.

Relay used as a regulator

Using the relay as a regulator will regulate heat according to the time proportion principle with a cycle time of 10 minutes. This means that the heating element is switched on and off in a pulse/pause ratio, which allows the supplied medium power effect to be adjusted to the current heating requirement.

Wireless control

Base Unit PRO supports wireless control with the addition of the expansion module Radio Module PRO. To enable the use of wireless sensors, you must install and connect this module to your Base Unit PRO.


All wireless DEFA Cabin Control accessories can be connected to your system, including temperature sensors, sockets, and alarm sensors.

Radio Module PRO also has integrated support for Nobø floor heating thermostat (NTB 2R) and control plugs for Nobø panel heaters (NCU or R80 series)


Installing an alarm with DEFA Base Unit PRO is easy. Our Magnet and Motion sensors ensure that you are alerted in the event of any intruder, so that you may limit any damage.

With Base Unit PRO, you can also connect an existing cabled alarm system to the integrated cabled alarm input. See the user and installation manual for more information.


The package consists of:

  • 1x Base Unit PRO control device
  • 1x Backup battery
  • 1x 2-meter Temperature Sensor Cable
  • 2x 8-meter Temperature Sensor Cables
  • 1x GSM network antenna for indoor use
  • 1x User and installation manual