Magnet Contact

Detects door or window opening

Magnet Contact detects when windows or doors are opened and ensures that you'll receive an immediate alert on your phone.

Item no: 900103BE-number: 6404023


Magnet Contact is a magnet sensor for Base Unit PRO with a Radio Module. The sensor is mounted on windows and doors and is triggered if these are opened while the alarm is still active.

The unit small, easy to place, and makes it easy to secure doors and windows against intrusion.

The sensor is very small and can be placed on door or window frames using the tapes included with the product.

The unit is powered by 2x AAA batteries which come included with the product. Alarm stickers for windows and doors are also included.

Battery life is approximately two years. You will receive an alert when the batteries need to be changed.

Technical description

E-number Colour
6404023 Black
6404012 White