Temperature Sensor

Wireless temperature sensor

This unit allows you to read and control the temperature in your cabin wirelessly.

Item no: 900104E-number: 6404013


The wireless temperature sensor is designed for both indoor and outdoor use with Base Unit PRO and a Radio Module. It allows you to monitor the temperature in the room in which it has been installed, or you can use the 2m probe to read the temperature outside or in adjacent rooms.

In combination with Socket, the sensor can be used to control heating as a thermostat based on temperature readings. You can connect several units to your system. The zone selector on the inside helps you designate each unit to rooms or zones. The sensor can be mounted directly on walls or in existing RS16 frame

The unit is powered by 2x AAA batteries which come included with the product. Battery life is approximately two years. You will receive an alert when the batteries need to be changed.

Technical description

E-number Colour
6404013 White
6404024 Black