Radio Module PRO

Wireless control device

Control module for connecting wireless accessories from DEFA and Nobø to Base Unit PRO.

Art. nr: 900307

E-number : 6404006

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Radio Module PRO is a control module for use with Base Unit PRO which enables use of wireless accessories from DEFA Home and NOBØ. It has a simple user and installation interface, with a connection button, a status LED, an extension cable and a port for the radio antenna.

When you have installed the Radio Module, you can connect all DEFA Home wireless accessories to the system by using the pairing button.

To add wireless products from NOBØ, the serial numbers of the devices must be added in the app or web interface.

The following products from NOBØ are supported:

  • NTB 2R Wireless thermostat
  • NCU 1R Oven plug – conservation temperature set via Base Unit PRO
  • NCU 2R Oven plug with high and low setting
  • NCU ER Oven plug with control of temperature via Base Unit PRO
  • RDC 80 700 Oven plug with high and low setting
  • RXC 80 700 Oven plug with temperature control via Base Unit PRO