Base Unit PRO Ext

Expansion for Base Unit PRO

Base Unit PRO Ext lets you add three extra relays and three additional ports for cabled temperature sensors to your Base Unit PRO.

Item no: 900301E-number: 6404001


Base Unit PRO Ext is an expansion module for Base Unit PRO. The module gives you three additional 16A/230VAC relays and three additional ports for cabled temperature sensors, a total of 6 each to control up to 6 zones. The additional relays can be used in the same way as the ones on Base Unit PRO.

When you connect Base Unit Pro Ext, the app and web interface will automatically give you access to all of the 6 zones.

NB! The package does not include cabled temperature sensors, order these separately if needed.

The zone relays can be used in three separate ways:

Relay used as a switch

Using the relay in switch mode is handy if you need to control an entire heating circuit with thermostat controlled ovens or if you want to turn on and off lighting. Switch mode can also be used to control floor heating thermostats that have an input for override/lowering.

Relay used as a thermostat

Using the relay as a thermostat is convenient for controlling the heat in rooms with heating cables or panel heaters. Thermostat mode allows you to switch between conservation and comfort temperatures for each zone.

Relay used as a regulator

Using the relay as a regulator will regulate heat according to the time proportion principle with a cycle time of 10 minutes. This means that the heating element is switched on and off in a pulse/pause ratio, which allows the supplied medium power effect to be adjusted to the current heating requirement.