Burglary alerts

Smashed glass door after a burglary

Break-ins can be both expensive and frightening. Alarm sensors and alerts help you reduce the risks of burglary.

The risk of burglary can be reduced in a few simple steps. Most burglaries happen when the cabin is empty. Making it seem like you’re there is perhaps the most efficient way of keeping potential intruders away. Leaving the curtains open and cups, plates and papers out make it seem like the cabin is being used. Don’t leave valuables in the open, as they only give burglars added incentive. Dogs are often a more significant deterrent than a warning of an alarm system, so leaving a water bowl and a chain by the door is a good idea.

Sensors and alerts provide added security

Not all burglars bring their tools. You should always store your tools behind a locked door.  Outdoor lighting with a motion sensor might also be enough to scare a potential intruder away.

Dark silouette of a man holding a crowbar

Our motion and magnet sensors provide added security. Magnet sensors can be installed on doors and accessible windows, while motion sensors detect movement inside the cabin. Both sensor types can DEFA Cabin Control system with a Radio Module for wireless communication.

Burglars usually enter through the front or porch door, or an easily accessible window. By installing sensors you’ll be alerted immediately, and you’ll be able to call the police or security provider.

With lights and a radio connected to a wireless socket, you can turn the lighting and sound on and off, even when you are not there.

Help from neighbors

Agree with your neighbors to mow each other’s lawns, remove snow, and collect mail. This gives the appearance of regular visits. A good neighbor will also raise the alarm if he or she should see something suspicious.

In the event of a burglary

It’s important to know what valuables you have in your cabin at any given time. This makes making an accurate report to the police and your insurance company much easier and also gives you a sense of control. Pictures and receipts are also helpful.